Thursday, September 04, 2008

swedish for

...drives my dotytron crazy. yes indeedy. tonight after work and after a trip to our trusted menswear retailer around the corner from us and after picking up some pakistani take out for dinner, we're making a trip to the wilds of north york for ikea goods.

i know. i know. it sucks that EVERYONE in a certain age group and bracket has an apartment with the same cooly modern looking doo-dads and gee-gaws and furnishings and accessories. but what is a cash-strapped apartment dweller/home owner to do? really? i've reconciled myself to the fact that i'm a not-so-special star in a universe of not-so-special, not-so-unique stars. for people with limited wherewithal and limited time and home decor vision, than ikea is IT. what would you have me do? spend precious minutes away from my billions of other interests to go traipsing around toronto for the latest new, mid-century modern thing? eff that! and i EFFING LOVE mid-century modern furniture! do you know how much it pains me to see privileged urbanite jerkwads the world over crawling over sectional sofas and turquoise and chocolate brown colour schemes and sagey greens and neutral taupes and teak everything that i know i'll never be able to afford or justify in my ever-practical soul, in which children and their inevitable trail of destruction loom in the not-so-distant future?

whatever...ikea (swedish for "path of least resistance" and "reasonably well made and durable") it is. the dotytron loathes ikea like you wouldn't believe. he hates how you have to walk through the ENTIRE store to pick up the stuff you need at the very end in the big warehouse space that's inaccessible by any other means. he thinks he's being fiendishly clever by suggesting we somehow finangle our way directly into the warehouse area, pull a blitzkreig, and run. unfortunately, the stuff we're after today (lamps, curtain stuff, small storage) isn't IN the big warehouse part (which is mostly for big furniture)'s in the regular store part (i'm almost 100% certain of this) so we're screwed. i'm hoping a fattened belly and a more considerate than usual me will allow us to navigate this trying situation with grace, aplomb, and a minimum of screaming meltdowns.

once we're done though...we'll be done with house stuff for a while. i mean, aside from needing a bed frame, new boxspring and mattress (or a tempurepedic one!), new couch, side tables, toaster, etc. you know.

i have to say though, a trip to the municipal dump while at the cottage had a sobering impact on my consumerist ways. it was DISGUSTING and i think should be required field trip material for every grade school kid at some point in their lives. piles upon piles of crap lying in a fetid, stinking, rotting depression in the ground, sunlight reflecting off the mountains of plastic bottles and blinding you even while your nose is being assaulted with that wet-garbage/hot day smell and you're being accosted by screaming gulls. it was like a scene out of mad max, replete with a smoldering tire fire blazing in the distance. ughhhh...if i was a rabid garbage sorter and recycler and reducer before, i'm tenfold that now.

i'm excited for makkah for dinner. we haven't had it in ages.



makkah was the lick. we also stopped off at our favorite tailor/menswear retailers on the danny and picked up some sweet work clothes for the dotytron. ikea mission was a semi-success...we spent a lot on some increased lighting for the downstairs but they only had ONE (!) of the little converter thingies that turn the boxes of our record holding shelf/room divider into either drawers or a cupboard. boooooo...that means we have to go BACK. the best part was we ran into our buddy rumbleton and his brother, C. yay! i love that guy. seriously...he's a real mensch.


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