Sunday, September 07, 2008

so much for one world, one dream

the dotytron is really messed up about everything that went down with his school placement...and now that i've heard the whole story, it seems like it's pretty blatant and obvious discrimination and it's got me and my family hoppin' mad. my mum and sister and outlaw bro (the lawyerly types) are all up in arms and getting riled and my mum is firing on all pistons.


in other news...the concert was amazing. heart was THE BEST. they played most of the hits, but for some reason opted to play a who cover song and a led zeppelin cover...which doesn't make that much sense but whatever. nancy and ann are effin' incredible. best women rockers of all time...seriously...who can test? i know there are some people out there who would claim that the breeders, or l7 or some of those other washington/grunge-era women rockers were the shiznit...but seriously? seriously? in terms of longevity of the career and pure songwriting and execution, heart slaughters them all.

and little arnel pineda killed it. so cute! jumping around the stage. he's basically the reincarnation of steve perry before steve perry is even dead.

yesterday we hung around the house and went for dim sum and then my brother bought a wii so that's what we did all night. we're going for lunch today and then heading back home.

tonight we're having bwong over for dinner and then chilling and maybe going to see the roomie's friend from b.c.'s band playing at sneaky dee's.


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dr. rei said...

what a load....that sucks bigtime for the dotytron. hope your moms kicks some ass regarding this shiz.