Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rosh hashanahahahaha

so tonight is the big rosh hashanahahahaha to-do at casa lagerfeld and dotytron.  i'm making poached salmon, yukon and sweet potato latkes (more of a chanukah thing, but we haven't had latkes in FOREVER), sauteed spinach with pine nuts, and honey-ginger carrots.  i'm also making a sour cream coffee cake.  and putting the finishing touches on the secret knitting that has been occupying my time for the last while. and maybe (hopefully) switching up my summer and winter clothes in my closet so i'm not scrambling every morning.  and doing yoga and having an epsom salt bath. but that's a lot of doing for one lonely little evening so i might spread it out some.

last week, before toronto was stricken with a nasty and vicious bout of cold, dreary, and grey weather, i was biking home in a skirt and was stopped at an intersection in boystown with one leg up and one leg down.  this guy, who was CLEARLY a derelict, crossing the intersection, took an unseemly interest in my nether regions and was blatantly trying to get a peek at my unmentionables as he crossed.  we're talking like, bent-over-at-a-90-degree-angle levels of committment.  i don't know how successful he could have been, but he did give me an enthusiastic thumbs-up.  i wish i could take that to the bank.

so.  "margot at the wedding" is nowhere near as accomplished as "the squid and the whale" (for whatever reason).  "margot" is considerably more caustic (if that was even possible) with less humour and moments of levity to cut through the dark, excoriating unpleasantness of the petty intellegentsia.  nicole kidman gives a committed performance and her naturally brittle, cold, demeanor really suits the viciousness and twisted selfishness of her character.  it was easier to follow the trajectory of events and the motivations of the characters in "the squid and the whale" whereas in "margot at wedding" there doesn't seem to be as much of a rationale for the destruction and psychological manipulation the characters wreak.  that ends up being a huge weakness as then you're really just watching people behaving badly and i tend not to be very interested in plumbing those depths for the sake of plumbing those depths.  as a character study, it's pretty flimsy and one-note.

"baby mama" was pretty entertaining, but handicapped by needlessly maudlin genre conventions (tina fey's character has to be saddled with a generic, "good" relationship in the form of leading man pablum-for-hire, greg kinnear). it was probably a B as far as comedies go, so there were a few chuckles, especially from amy poehler's character, against whom tina fey plays the straight man. their chemistry is fantastic and i'd probably pay to watch those two read the phone book. given the paucity of comedies that i would rank as an A, it was still worth the rental price and it's a nice antidote if you're pairing it up with an "adult" "mature" "responsible" kind of flick like "margot at the wedding."

i'll post pics of the food and casting our sins into the water tonight. the dotytron has also really gone hog-wild with being chinese all of a sudden (well, i guess he's been building towards it for a while), fueled by the fact that 50% of the school he's teaching at right now are new immigrants from mainland china. anyway, he hung up a picture of the kitchen god in our kitchen and we're supposed to burn it on or around chinese new year. he also made himself mandarin flash cards. lol!

in other news, michael ignatieff was parked outside of my subway stop the other day, with his angry eyebrows and all, trying to drum up some support for the increasingly shambolic and desperate liberals. he always looks like a slightly tipsy/sinister professor at hogwarts (to me) with his thin-lipped leer.



the dinner. it wasn't as spectacular as i hoped it would be.

sour cream coffee cake with pecans

sour cream coffee cake interior shot

casting our sins (torn up bread heels) into the water.


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