Wednesday, September 17, 2008


or, odds and sods. does jeopardy still have a "potpourri" category anymore? do people still even put bowls of potpourri on their coffee tables in their "living rooms" anymore? these are the questions that bedevil my mind.

i'm sleeping like a baby lately. cool fall nights and warm fall food conspire to send me off to the land of nod at the completely unrespectable hour of 11pm. snooze!

here's what i've got rolling around in my jumbly brain lately.

katy perry. can't stand her. she's like a poor man's less stylish, less creative, and much less cute and cute-voiced version of my beloved zooey deschanel. also...she gives vintage shopping a bad name. piecing together a 40s revival outfit is so boring and uncreative! it's poor taste pastiche not clever referential. also the whole vintage explosion is driving me crazy lately because people are bidding up stuff on ebay that clearly SUCKS and quite frankly, i don't want to see you traipsing down ossington in your misguided, dressed-in-the-dark, and poorly conceptualized outfits. moreover, stop bidding on crappy shiz! ugh. i hate seeing parkdale librarians in their maudlin attempts at urban sophistication that just end up reeking of the painful provincialism that seems to be all that canada is capable of producing in large numbers in the culture department.

we watched part of "so you think you can dance - canada" last night. wow. it makes me want to claw mine own eyes out. so embarrassing! if the cbc could just get their nads together to put together ONE good show that looked as good as even the crappiest offerings on subscription-tv in the u.s. (seriously...i would lap up a canadian show that looked half as good as "walker: texas ranger"), i could have something to stand behind. but no. it's always a cringe-inducing mimesis of what we THINK popular culture looks like in the u.s. and without the amplification or appropriation of like, japan or something. no...what we project back is a markham theatre production by way of honest ed's.

i also watched the new "beverly hills, 90210" last night. BOOORING. once you've gone "gossip girl" you really can't go back. it's so terrible! the writing! the acting! it's like a fig newton. i mean, the "high school" kids on "gossip girl" look old, but NOT as old as the "beverly hills, 90210" crew. and the parents! "gossip girl" has stockard channing as one of the upper east side matriarchs. "beverly hills" has lori loughlin. aunt becky! who looks 30! i'm done with it. it's a waste of my precious time and i refuse to give it another minute more.

*edit: weird convergence alert. i wrote most of this post during my lunch break at work...then i check my rss feeds and lo and behold, the delightful vixens over at gofugyourself have posted a similar (though infinitely more entertaining [keep in mind, this is their full-time job] rant on bev hills, neuf zero deux un zero. read it because it's hilarious. i wish i could be their friend.

the dotytron's new school (the one right close to us) is turning out okay. it's not the richie rich school. that school is franklin. according to "toronto life" by way of my friend D (i don't read that rag), franklin is one of those schools that rich parents compete and struggle to get their kids into (stealing addresses, 2 year long waiting lists, etc.). i hate them on principal. ha! the dotytron's school features a healthy dose of new chinese immigrants, so his attempts to learn mandarin earlier were not in vain. he's also gotten roped into teaching a ukulele program at lunch - the by-product of what he thought was an off-the-cuff comment to the principal. the school apparently has a large number of ukuleles. the dotytron, when sneakily prodded by the principal, commented that he could probably learn to play one. by the next day, word was out that he was running the program and i come home to find a suspicious dvd on ukulele instruction from one of the preeminent ukulele pedagogues in the world. this has resulted in me torturing the dotytron when he won't pay attention to me, by perching on the spare computer chair next to his desk in my pajamas while he's doing homework. energetically and tunelessly strumming away in time to whatever hip hop, drum'n'bass, or jazz tune he happens to be listening to. there's something inherently funny about playing instruments that are mini.

he's also taking this stupid course called "teaching for the inclusive classroom" which is basically "one world, one dream" class. it has been decided by the chickenheads that run the york education program that this course requires EIGHT HOURS of class time every two weeks. EIGHT HOURS! last week the dotytron played musical chairs for FORTY FIVE minutes. FORTY FIVE! and then they had to talk about it for ANOTHER HOUR because OF COURSE, the musical chairs exercise was used as a "metaphor" for how it feels to be excluded. i hate society and i hate teacher's college if that's what we're fostering. so what, there's no such thing as people being better than other people at stuff? no such thing as competition? everybody is equal at everything all the time? nobody ever loses? SOMETIMES YOU LOSE! i hate this nanny state, coddling business. that's PRECISELY the lack of reflexive, critical engagement that results in the sheer preponderance of idiots with whom i have to contend and even entertain on a daily business. appalling. it makes me want to enroll in teacher's college just so i can cause s**t.

i hate how people can be SO WRONG in their misguided, dumb efforts to do right. it's like the ndp. i want to punch jack layton in his stupid face. i want the green party lady to fix up and look like she TRIED to put herself together before being thrust into the media spotlight. i want there to be a candidate or a party that i can actually care about, instead of voting for the ndp by default because they're closest to what i kinda sorta want even though if i was stuck in a room with them i would probably vomit in my socks from the lack of leadership and constant dithering and "teaching for the inclusive classroom"-ness of it all.

sigh. end rant.


tonight for dinner i made baja style fish tacos. took some whitefish (tilapia), dredged in seasoned flour, fried, in warm corn tortillas with finely shredded red cabbage tossed with lime juice, mexican crema, and diced avocadoes (guac, more like it).



Chris said...

The pendulum for education swinging towards inclusion is not about to go away anytime soon. Its been given a big push by academia in the last 10 years, which means the trickle down effect on the school system. Even in special education there is a big push for it, which I'm not so comfortable with. Recently, some heads in academia have been pushing for half/half system as not everything is so black and white (startling i know). Especially in terms of special education, kids can benefit from inclusion (socialization), but can also benefit from segregation for more intensive study on the areas they struggle in. And special education doesn't just mean those with handicaps, can be learning disorders, behaviour issues, just about anything you can think of that some academic can tag and write a book about. Some issues have evidence of te way the brain works to provide some insight, others are don't and are left to experts to interpret.

As for the pampering, don't be surprised is that begins to fad over the next decade. Its really starting to become a problem (from what I've read), with academia worried that a lack of strong willed children is bad for the future of *insert nation here*.
yada yada, you get the point.

I think some healthy competition is good (real world stuff). It just depends on when that is introduced. Generally, heavy competition is not endorsed at the younger levels.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i'm obviously going to pit my kids against yours in cage matches. may the best brat win!