Thursday, September 25, 2008

now it's starting to get gross

apparently, nicoise salad is NOT enough to keep one reasonably fit and compact girl and one reasonably unfit and gangly boy full enough to bedtime. i mean, it is afterall only a bowl of veggies with some protein thrown in. around 10:00pm my stomach was rumbly and i felt faint. the dotytron tends to need little to no prompting to indulge in some midnight or close-to-midnight fact, he's usually clamoring for something sweet (he has a fearsome sweet tooth) at the same time every night.

the long and short of it is: we polished off an ENTIRE bag of ruffled plain chips dunked in some mysterious onion dip that had been sitting in our fridge (but well before the expiry date) for a good two months. THEN i followed that up with 2 GIANT slices of pie a la mode.

today, i distinguished myself by spending TEN DOLLARS (!) at mcdonald's. my big mac combo with a filet-o-fish chaser standard order now costs a 10 spot? i was also charged ten cents for a sweet'n'sour dipping sauce for dunking my fries into. did you know they CHARGED for dipping sauce if you didn't order mcnuggets?!? that's highway robbery? i'm writing a letter to ronald. inflation is a b***h, folks. spending $10 for mcdonald's certainly makes it a lot less appealing. in fact, i spent the rest of the afternoon feeling vaguely ill/inebriated. lately, the return on the indulgence of my fast-food cravings hasn't been as great. i'm kind of losing my taste for it. i'll crave it like crazy, but the actual payoff just isn't there...i don't get quite the same endorphin hit.

that being said...i'm still sitting at the computer at 7pm, seriously considering ordering popeye's fried chicken for dinner. because, all that being said above, once i've gone off the rails, healthy-wise...i always figure i should go whole hog. there's no point wasting a well cooked, healthy home meal on a body that's already scarfed 10000000000mg of sodium and cholesterol. right? right?

i think, more than anything, i really just want to eat at HOME. and eat real, home-cooked food with vegetables and lots of fruit. i also love cooking. so maybe i'm nesting or something? i dunno. i spent a good chunk of today on mls. i found THE perfect house in the neighbourhood i want to live in...for not so much money. it's fantastic! maybe i should make an appointment with the mortgage broker? i've realized that the style of house i want is NOT that condo-chic, super queen west, super-ultra modern, slick, lots of stainless, lots of white, vibe. dark wood floors and turquoise with chocolate brown and everything looking out of "modern young urbanite" mag. you pay a LOT for that faceless, anonymous interior. when it's finally time for me to go house hunting, we'll save money with our fuddy duddy-ness and affinity for mish-mash decor and houses that you can mess up and live in.

tomorrow i'm having lunch with my da and then doing grocery shopping, heading home to wait for the dotytron and then heading over to C & A's pad and meeting up with the kdubsguelph crew and getting my hair cut by the inimitable steph and then eating rotis from mother india (malai kofta for me) and then maybe (75%) going to tittsworth at wrongbar. phew! i may or may not go because saturday i'm babysitting the niece AND nephew for a sleepover and that's going to be draining and i need to be on my a-game with those two.


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