Saturday, September 20, 2008

not-so-lazy saturday

it's 10 in the a.m. i've been up since 8 in the a.m. i have mopped the floors, done 2 loads of laundry and switched the bed linens. i've also fastidiously cleaned the kitchen in preparation for today's big to-do: canning tomatoes. the tomato canning adventure is dependent on masellis grocery having a crate of plum tomatoes. last night when we walked by after dinner, they only had crates of peppers and i am NOT equipped to jar peppers at the moment (much as i would like to). now i just have to take a shower and walk my little keister over to the store for tomatoes, jars, and basil. if that falls through, i'm going to organize all my photos in albums and/or possibly start cutting fabric for the drapes i'm making or the quilt i want to make. so ambitious!

i love my saturday days. lately they've been for me, myself, and i and i quite enjoy's prime-time puttering and we all knows how much i loves a good putter and being "domestic."

so, we waited 45minutes to get into pizzeria libretto and it wasn't half bad! here's what we had:

we got a bunch of apps to share. clockwise from the top left, we have -
calamari with romesco - romesco wasn't very "romesco-y." short on almond and red pepper flavour...actually, it tasted and looked more like tomato sauce. calamari was crispy and tender.

bread - your standard, unsalted, portugese/italian bread, nice chew

burrata with heirloom tomatoes (thinly sliced) and basil - this should have been seasoned. the lack of salt was a crime against nature and really did this dish a disservice.

duck proscuitto. delicious, served with fat, plum wedges.

bruschette (mascarpone and shrimp) - this was incredible. creamy but not too rich tasting, full of shrimp tasted heavenly.

olive oil and balsamic with cracked black pepper and chili oil for dunking bread into

boar capicollo - unlike any capicollo i had ever seen...more like a boar proscuitto...tasty.

then we sampled 3 of their much-lauded pizzas. clockwise from top left:

margherita - they use a really nice tomato sauce here. good texture, sweet, nice bit of acidity. this was a textbook perfect margherita EXCEPT! it could have used a final brush of olive oil on the crust and a sprinkling of salt. i don't care if it's not need the salt and the lubed up crust. the crust has a nice, blistered, char covering it, and a great texture and taste (with a bit of salt, it would be exemplary).

caramelized onion, house-made sausage, chilis and mozzarella - this was our favorite. sweet, broken down onions, chunks of sausage and just a hint of heat. the best by far

proscuitto, arugala, heirloom tomato, fior di latte mozzarella - this was ho-hum. same great crust, but everything was a little dry and i don't like the "salad on pizza" technique. i like the arugala wilted down a bit.

then we got the lemon panna cotta for dessert with the "chef's own blueberry compote" (our waiter's words, not mine). not to be a pain in the arse...but blueberry compote ain't that hard to make. also, our waiter was super friendly and looked like one of the characters on guitar hero.

the panna cotta was fantastic. great lemon rind flavour, amazing, just-set texture and full of cream flavour. i love me a good panna cotta.

overall, everything was super tasty. i don't know that i would *necessarily* line up
again for it, but it was a worthwhile experience. my main quibbles are the lack of salt in key places where salt would make all the difference (burrata, crust) and the extremely long wait time for the pizzas. we waited about 35 minutes between our apps being cleared and the pizzas being ready, and quite frankly...those puppies only take 2 minutes in the oven. that's a small complaint though and once the lines calm down and things relax and you don't have to wait with jerks, then it'll be a nice little spot. 4 people, 1 bottle of wine, 2 cocktails with tax came to $160.


these are dinner shots from thursday night.

for dinner tonight, we're having kraft dinner and hot dogs. we weren't supposed to be home for dinner tonight...we were supposed to originally go to the ancaster fair and visit with dr. rei's fam-bam in hamilton. unfortunately, the transportation situation didn't work out. with the dotytron working in richmond hill until 5pm, he doesn't get home til 7 and we wouldn't get to hamilton until 9pm or so. then the exhibits at the fair (the best part with the exotic animals and stuff) close super-early (8ish?) and don't open til 10:00am on sunday morning, and we'd have to take the GO bus back and i want to be back in toronto for 1pm. basically, it was going to involve a lot of transportation time with too-little time in hamilton and at the fair. boooooooooooooo.

then the dotytron decided he NEEDED to go to this jam, featuring a battle between pete rock and preemo. done and done. it was just getting too packed as far as weekends tonight it's just me and the dotytron, watching "the wire" season 5 and "gossip girl" (special guest appearance from yokozuna tonight, perhaps?).


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