Tuesday, September 16, 2008

new dodgeball rules = teh lamez0rz

so the league implemented new rules all stealth-like and some of them are kind of good (speeding up the game, keeping balls in play, keeping teams from drawing out the time) and some of them are kind of lame (i'm not going to get into it here for the dodgeball uninitiated).

i finished season 1 of "gossip girl" and feverishly d/l the torrents for the first 3 episodes of season 2. the georgina (michelle trachtenberg) storyline kind of bit the big one...wasn't feeling it at all, but i'm pro the vanessa-nate hookup.

not much else to report...i should really stay off the comptor as i've got the suspicious twinges in my forearms that herald the beginning of an RSI. i'm doing some stretches and implementing a regular yoga regimen to circumvent that...no knitting for me tonight. we're going to curl up with "the wire: season 5" instead. this is AFTER our house-family biore nosestrip party. biores are so gross but equally so amazing. i'm so conflicted about them. adding to the turmoil is the fact that they practically cost $5 a strip or something equally outrageous for what amounts to water-activated glue on paper.

the dotytron made dinner tonight (with my cyber-intervention in the form of overly-detailed email instructions). we had ground pork and long beans with black bean sauce and udon noodles. delicious.

i also went to the hygienist today for my bi-annual cleaning and emerged feeling like i *DIDN'T* get hosed. this is huge as i'm inherently distrustful of dentists (i urge new readers to timeline my previous experience with the dental profession). i got a full cleaning done but i got all suspicious when the hygienist told me that i was also concurrently scheduled for a visit from the dentist and i arbitrarily refused the visit. don't they tack on like, an extra $50 for the guy to waltz in and poke me for 2 seconds? as usual, even though i floss EVERY DAY, i'm not doing it properly. flossing is a delicate art.



schmee said...

like omg... i also went to the hygienist yesterday! stop copying me.

aaron said...

fyi, i was scheduled to go to the hygeniest yesterday, but then i cancelled last minute.

Jennifer said...

i JUST made a dental appointment today!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

wow guys. schmee, i would have expected this from, as my doppelganger and all...but buns? and jenn?

this is clearly a sign that we're periodontal pals.