Wednesday, September 24, 2008

shana tova

after an excruciating, frustrating, and extra-long day at work (one in which i stayed late AND worked through lunch), i'm now finally at home, where i love most to be, especially in the fall. what's not to love about fall, really? it's dark and cozy and warm inside, the air is snappy and full of fresh smells, fall food is beckoning my taste buds with the promise of richness and comfort, and my toes are anticipating being curled up in sheepskin. love love love fall. my favorite season by far, forever and ever.

i'm in the middle of researching rosh hashanah recipes. i've decided that we here at casa dotytron and lagerfeld (and casa roomie too, for the forseeable future) are going to start a tradition of celebrating (with food, natch) the festivals of the world (or the ones that i know about...i'm always willing/able to learn more though!). it's something i'd like to pass down to my (potential) kids. knowing what other cultures do and eat and what brings people together. anyway, next tuesday we're going to do rosh hashanah. okay...i just got back from wikipedia. apparently we need a ram's horn to blow to awaken us from our "slumber" and alert us to the coming judgement. i think i'm going to use a kazoo as a substitute. and i think we're going to do the thing where you throw bread or pebbles into the water as a way of casting off your sins.

i think i'm going to do fish. maybe poached salmon? with an herb/honey topping? (sweetness is apparently a big deal during rosh hashanah) carrots glazed in honey and ginger (tzimmes...sweetness is what you want out of the new year), spinach (symbolizes a green year with a good harvest), and a sour cream streusel coffee cake. i LOVE warm coffee cake with pecans with a cold glass of milk.

i have a confession to make. i ate 7 hot dogs on saturday (technically, 1 knacker and 6 hot dogs, only 2 with bun). i LOVE hot dogs! and i barely ever have 'em! so i cooked up a pot of mac'n'cheese for me and the dotytron, and we split that. then i made up a knacker on a bun for me and him. then, he wasn't feeling so hot, so he stopped at that, and i made myself another hot dog on a bun. then i asked him if he wanted any more and he said "not right now" which i took to mean "no, go ahead and be a gluttonous, idolatrous, disgusting pig" and ate FIVE MORE HOT DOGS, dipped in ketchup, SUPER FAST. gross, huh? i felt pretty icky afterwards. but also kind of good. does it make it better that they're mennonite hot dogs? i love forcemeat. there's no way around it.

tonight for dinnie i made nicoise salad. it was a multi-layered, composed affair, that still came together in half an hour, of which i was happy. here are the steps:

1)i cut up some yukon gold potatoes and boiled them in salted water until just-tender, and then i tossed them in my olive tapenade.

2) i steamed some green beans. when they were bright green and still crisp, i drained them and ran cold water over them to set the colour.

3) i generously seasonsed up and seared a 1/2 lb slab of bluefin tuna on both sides, but left it cool and red in the middle. i set the tuna aside and in the same pan, melted 1 T. of butter and added 1 thinly sliced shallot and sauteed that out. then i added a giant plop of grainy mustard and a shot of red wine vinegar. i tossed this dressing over the beans.

4) i poached eggs (has anyone in the history of the world ever loved accessorizing with a poached egg more than i? i think not).

5) in a big bowl, i put a layer of mache, then the dressed beans, then the potatoes, the sliced tuna, and then the poached egg. it was heavenly.

this is what it looks like with the egg yolk bursted:

tomorrow i'm going out for lunch with K, G, and M at work. we're going to MICKY DEE'S!!! OR SOME OTHER FAST FOOD! i've been resisting the urge for fast food all week and i feel like i deserve a treat, even if i haven't run a single step all week.


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