Friday, September 05, 2008

it's pineda-time!

yessssssssssss! the long awaited 80s hair-rock-schlock fest has arrived! tonight i'll be staying dry (hopefully) and winding and dancing and singing along to the soaring vocal acrobatics of ann wilson (heart) and arnel pineda (journey). i'm so pumped! my sis and outlaw bro are picking me up from work and then we're going to pick up some grub and then head to the amphitheatre where we're meeting up with the dotytron and S. i'm calling it as coug-fest 08 for sheezy.

yesterday i went to get my security pass renewed and when i mentioned my weekend plans to the woman who processes them she flipped out! she's going to see if she can get! it was so cute...she was so pumped. apparently she saw styx a couple of years ago and got invited to after-party with the band. amaze.

then S is coming back with us for a sleepover and haircut if there's time (i have mad dead-ends, yo!) and then we're spending all saturday up in markham eating our faces off. sunday we'll have an early lunch and then head back downtown, where we're having dinner with bwong and then maybe hitting the roomie's friend from b.c.'s band's show at sneaky dee's. holy eff. just another ram-jammed weekend at the lagerfelds. phew!

the dotytron is un petit peu bummed because he's getting switched out of his current placement which he's already fallen in love with. apparently the fact that the teachers-in-training placed at the catholic school weren't catholic caused a problem with the v.p. the good news is the dotytron's new placement is literally a 5 minute walk from our house.

the bad news is...he really loved his original placement, which was in the scarbs (he reps the scarbs so hard now and it makes me love him even more). he got along really super well with his mentor teacher and felt he could learn a lot from her. the class was huge (35 kids) and was SO diverse with a lot of people from mixed economic backgrounds and levels of english proficiency, and a huge contingent of new immigrants.

key characters who i was eagerly anticipating hearing stories about included:

- a kid who was legally blind 

- a kid who is the classic trouble maker, attention hog (ie. while sitting in the corner after getting in trouble, will ask the dotytron, "hey man...can you beatbox?") and drops lines like tracy jordan (both in delivery and content). for example, this kid is friends with a much smaller ) kid who is really well adjusted and is apparently really good with video games. kid B was telling the dotytron, "yeah, the first time i picked up a video game, i was just really good at it, i was a natural," at which point, kid A interjects with, "the first time i picked up a video game, I ATE THE CD! i did! swear on my life!" lol! kid A is also obsessed with this other kid in the class who's straight out of jamaica and talks with the thickest patois. kid A apparently can't get enough of the way jamaican kid talks.

- there's also a crew of slick little tykes straight out of columbia with crazy faux-hawk pompadour hairstyles who wear the best, hippest clothes and look like little men. the columbian kids also DESTROY the other kids at soccer. the dotytron says it's ridiculous...they're like little (apparently they're all really short) ballerinas. haha! so this one kid was complaining about not wanting to play soccer because all the columbian kids are so good at it and the teacher was saying that that's not true, it's a stereotype, etc. the kid waits for the teacher to leave, turns to the dotytron and says, "they're all good at soccer, aren't they!" to which the dotytron tried to explain that columbia was a big country, it's a stereotype, etc. so the dotytron asks complaining kid what his ethnic background is, to try to draw a parallel with stereotyping. the kid is iraqi so the dotytron was stuck, trying to think of a common misconception about iraqis that was suitable for that context. lol! according to the complainer kid, iraqis are known for being good at there you have it...make sense of that how you will.

booooooooooooooooooooooo...i think the dotytron is so good with kids and ESPECIALLY amazing with kids who are all slick and street and from different backgrounds that he'd do really well in the scarbs...cuz the scarbs needs the love of a good dotytron. we checked out the school he's going looks pretty slick and homogenous. and i'm hoping it's not all riverdale-privileged. i also hope he gets along as well with his mentor as he did with his current sucks going from a situation that you know is amazing and a good fit to one that might be an entirely different story.


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schmee said...

lesson learned (again): catholics are dicks

and that's not a stereotype.. it's true.. ask anyone.