Monday, September 29, 2008

it takes a village

looking after two kids under 5 is tiring. we all went to bed on saturday at 9:30pm. with my niece getting up briefly to puke in her sleep.  the dotytron and i awoke to the sound of her coughing (she had a cold) and then the unmistakable sound of liquid coming up, then the words, "i throwed up."  i went to her bed (we had dragged a double futon mattress down to the foot of our bed and they were both set up there) and saw that she had puked all over her pillow.  "ellie!  ellie!  sit up!" i hissed, frantically, worried that she was going to puke again and maybe choke.  but she was out cold.  i wish i could still be that blase about vomit.  
saturday was ram-jammed to the max.  the dotytron ended up staying home from work because he puked three times on the way to the subway and was very much NOT blase about it.  then the kids came over.  we started with dress-up 

then we went to the park for about and hour and a half, then we came home and the dotytron did crafts while i got dinner going.  

for dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread.  i finally NAILED both the meatballs and the tomato sauce, per my old supervisor T's instructions.  i'm one step closer to mastering italian grandma!

the spaghetti and meatballs were a huge hit with the nephew, but not with the niece, who is an extremely picky eater. she also has a list of ailments that she likes to tell you about at strategic times: "my tummy is growling because it wants dessert" "this streetcar is making my tummy ache"

you can't really tell from this pic, but my nephew is wearing full length overalls a la dexy's midnight runners.

then the dotytron took them for a bath while i cleaned up. my niece helped me make homemade oreos. we watched a movie ("meet the robinsons" which is an awesome movie about orphans, time travel, destiny and family) and then it was bedtime, where a before-bed diaper change by me revealed that the dotytron had performed the classic "put the diaper on backwards" gag.  i don't really get how dudes do that...because it's so much more intuitive to have the tabs fold over the front, instead of trying to get them to stick at the back.  

yesterday we took them to meet up with my fam for our annual, post-ball (my mom organizes a ball to benefit the scarborough hospital every year) brunch at the hot house cafe. on the way over on the streetcar, we passed jilly's (a stip club), my niece looked out the window and pointed and asked what the signs said, so i had to read out: "girls. girls. girls" "party. party. party." it was pretty funny.

then it was dodgeball (i was super logey and msg-weighed down) and came home and we rented movies and watched them with the roomie and l'army.  we got messinis for dinner (gyros) and a poutine that cost NINE DOLLARS and didn't even have cheese curds!  but we were desperate for poutine.

we did a very interesting double bill of "margot at the wedding" and "baby mama" - reviews to follow.

today is work all day, then dodgeball, then home to meet s-dawg, who has turned monday nights into "mooch dinner and commandeer our tv to make us watch heroes" nights.  


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dr. rei said...

those two are way too cute....i love that dress on ellie hehehehe.

also, that dinner looks so good and so do those cookies...pure comfort food steez :D