Sunday, September 14, 2008

i gotta stop doing this...

and by "this" i mean, "overextending myself on the weekends." we're entertaining TWICE today. twice! that's ludicrous! we're having the dotytron's family over for brunch and then having our friends A and S and the dotytron's old thornhill friends D and her kids, and J over for an early bbq dinner. phew.

last night me, dr. rei and the dotytron went to the dodgeball party. we weren't planning on staying very long because they're all pretty much very much younger than us and i have a feeling we have a different sense of what it means to, when i say "party" i mean "talk s**t and laugh all night" whereas i suspect that their definition of party encompasses mine, but also includes "watergun fights with red wine in the hallway" which gives me mild seizures just thinking about it. at any rate, i wanted to go to c64's thing, but in the end, we got called away cuz the roomie got sick and was sent home by the midwives who wanted to make sure that someone was home with her. the roomie is NEVER sick so we went home right away. it turns out she just had a migraine, but she'd never had one before, and was so disoriented when it first came on that she forgot our home phone number, which is what made the midwives reluctant to send her home without someone there. she's lucky. she has a great work support systems and we have a great home support system.

the party was aight. we went AFTER hoovering down 4 slices of pizza each in the space of about 5 minutes, and chasing it with the cheesecake brownies i made (pictured above). yesterday was pure bliss. i got rid of all the stuff i had to do by 1:30pm and was going to meet dr. rei and her parents downtown but bailed on that to lie at home on the couch, marathoning "gossip girl" and knitting. so happy. i effin love that show. it's a delectable treat. and a million times better than "the hills" which is way too vapid. "gossip girl" by comparison is a delicious, well-crafted little's like a french macaroon and "the hills" is a cookie from a 7/11.

so the party last night was hosted by this girl on my team who's in canada for a bit on her 'round the world tour...she's from australia. the house she lives in is shared with 6 other people, one of whom is a japanese guy, who obviously doesn't speak much english. he introduced himself to me and i THOUGHT i heard the name "tucker." so i kept calling him by name, which is a trick i employ to make people feel included. "tucker! thanks for the snacks!" "it was nice meeting you tucker!" as we left, dr. rei burst into laughter, because she's pretty sure his name ISN'T tucker, and is in fact, taka or something. so i embarrassed myself hugely by calling this poor dude by the wrong name...and at that, the most IMPLAUSIBLE name imaginable (as the dotytron said, "you don't meet CAUCASIAN people named TUCKER!"). pretty brutes. tucker/taka was so cute though! he meekly brought over an array of bowls filled with sunchips, regular chips, and roasted peanuts and put them on the coffee table. so cute!!!!!!!! i was so full but i made me and dr. rei eat some. adorable. i really empathize with new immigrants like crazy. i'm the champion of the underdog.

this was brunch this morning. i quite like brunch entertaining. you get a solid visit in, but then you still have the rest of the day to do stuff. if only i could get more people on board! we had: bob evans sausage, swedish pancakes, blueberry whole wheat muffins, bourbon peach compote, juice, whipped cream, maple syrup, and momma d brought over a big platter of fruit and some brie with mushrooms. yum!

for the bbq tonight i'm making my famous burgers, with either cheddar cheese or the brie with mushrooms melted on top, and our friend J is bringing a salad, and i think i'm going to make a sauteed corn and scallion salad with lime. for dessert i made blueberry sour cream pie with almond streusel, which i'm going to serve with vanilla ice cream.


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