Wednesday, September 10, 2008

gossip girl = unicorn gossip girl is kind of AMAZING. i loves it. it's good, solid, fashion-y, trashy fun. completely over-the-top, but what do you expect from an expose of the lives of rich "teenagers" on the upper east side? the actors all have weird, magical, mythical creature names like: blake lively! leighton meester! penn badgley! chase crawford! sophie lancelot! (okay, i made the last one up). they look 27!!! it's steamy and racy and features awesome nyc locales and outfits. also...BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER! and by best soundtrack ever, read: they played "the way i r" AND akon's "don't matter" in the same episode. BEST BEST BEST!

for some reason, i find it way more believable than the o.c., which was overwrought but also kind of not? i dunno...could never get into the o.c...didn't buy the whole kid-who-looks-like-a-lion-cub-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks-who-spends-the-whole-series-brawling angle. i liked seth and summer, but the tone was weird and the conversations seemed all tv/real world talky (like, gilmore girls or even dawson's creek...where the characters speak in this hyper-literate way that's supposedto be opposed to when characters speak in a hyper-literate obviously contrived way that makes perfect sense in tv-land [ie. frasier???? for lack of a better example]). plus, i kind of hate mischa barton.

the point is, the o.c. always looked hella low budg but gossip girl doesn't. and i think i have a crush on penn badgley. i mean, as much as i loved logan echolls (played by the normal-named jason dohring) on v-mars, i have to admit it was the bruised, snarky character i loved, not so much the packaging. penn badgley, however, is a cool drink of water on a hot summer's day. he is foine. ed westwick's ("chuck") sleepy bedroom eyes do kind of gross me out. it doesn't help that they outfit him as the serpentine, sleazy-brit (even though he plays an american) second coming of oscar wilde. it's gross! the actual "gossip girl" part of it (voiced by veronica mars! convergence) is kinda ghey but she just pops in briefly. the other annoying thing is that two sole minority characters have nothing to do but stand there and be mostly mute, affirmative-action, place fillers.

wow. this breathless paean to all things gossip girl might very well give you the impression that all i fill my head with are pop culture puff pieces. not true! tonight i'm going to see "blind loves" at the toronto international film festival. it's been getting rave reviews. a tip of the hat to K for doing the legwork. TIFF is way too unwieldy a festival for me. most of the stuff i want to see comes out anyway. that's why it's a boon when you have a friend like K who is willing to scour the massive tomb of a schedule/film list and present you with a neat and tidy short list of potentials replete with screening times and locations. amazing! she should be a film festival gun-for-hire. my friend D is also coming.

D's coming over for dinner. she's making a salad. i'm making spaghetti with asparagus, shitakes, and lemon. leftover plum cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.


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