Tuesday, September 09, 2008

back to school = meltdown?

or maybe it's just me. suffice it to say that i had a grade A wig-out at the dotytron this morning as i was leaving the house because he wouldn't master the dodgeball mix i had assembled for the monday night iteration of my team, "the west coast rap ball-stars." more correctly, saint that he is, he agreed to master it (it's an old school/new school hip hop mix and the levels are all over the place) but didn't want to chop it up into discrete tracks again. his reasoning was that he didn't have the time. which (of course) resulted in me having a rage blackout and flouncing out of the house and threatening to cancel all our social engagements if he "doesn't have time."

of course, by the time i went to the bank to get my ttc money, the dotytron and i converged on the corner on our way into the subway station and calmer heads had prevailed and i realized that i was being a bumblehead. ah, life. heehee. what can i say...things get all jumbled up in the rolling, cavernous recesses of my brains sometimes. i'm a jumble brain. and seriously...this is NOTHING compared to the flash-fire apocalyptica that i used to be a victim of, back when i was pumping myself full of artificial hormones. and the dotytron freaks out too! i just never tell you about them! he almost had a few mental breakdowns when we did the big studio/bedroom retrofit a few weekends ago. put him within a five millimetre radius of ikea furniture and an allan key and it's OVER. we had to get a new linen storage thing because our old ikea one became his mortal nemesis over the course of a few minutes...i think he ended up punching it into submission (in his defense, the thing would topple over if you looked at it funny and it was so ungainly and awkward it was like trying to get a comatose andre the giant into a pair of pantyhose while hauling him up a spiral staircase).

i've got a lot to keep track of! back to school has dire implications on the meal planning. meals with portable leftovers have to be strategically situated within the week so that the roomie and the dotytron have stuff to pack for lunches. portable, quasi-healthy, mid-day snacks have to be made (right now we've got granola bars with pumpkin seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, coconut, raisins), grocery shopping AND cooking are now all me, and i've got all my extracurricular activities to slot in.

today after work i'm meeting up with dr. rei and H and baby D and we're going to get supplies for my dodgeball team to make our t-shirts for the monday nights (oh yes, i'm playing TWO nights of dodgeball this fall...yes!). my brother's team is ALSO playing on sundays and mondays. dun dun duuuuuuuuun. my sunday night team is called the ballbarians and my t-shirt name is "big beef and cheddar." for monday nights, we had to pick a rap alter ego. i'm torn between "tony! toni! tone! (all 3 of them)" or dr. rei's pick: "buckshot shorty." they're both pretty apt.

then i'm going home to make dinner and park my butt in front of the tv and wax my upper lip and knit. i rented season 1, disc 1 of "gossip girl." i'm going to try it on for size. we'll see if it fits. i don't like my teen stuff too adult and too whatup bring the drama. i like there to be some substance to it (come back to me, veronica mars and buffy!). not much on my tv radar for the fall season outside of joss whedon's new offering, "dollhouse." other than that...i've got gossip girl, season 4 of battlestar, generation kill, season 4 of entourage, and season 5 of the wire on backlog to keep me occupied. i'll wait til the dust settles on the fall season and pick through the survivors. i'm thinking of picking up "mad men," but other than the period-correctness of it, i gotta say, it looks kind of boring.


for dinner tonight i made a salad of baby spinach and baby arugala, roasted figs (sprinkled figs with sugar and pan roasted with oil, salt, and pepper), oven crisped pancetta, and breaded, fried, buffalo mozzarella with some crusty toast spread with roasted garlic butter.


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