Thursday, August 14, 2008


the theme for this post will be "trying." as in, today i was inadvertently trying the patience of the dotytron when i had him pick up a package of yarn for me at the post office. i don't honestly remember ordering all that much online (webs had a massive sale and i snapped up enough for a tonne of scarves and a few jackets worth). i received a sternly worded email from the dotytron today about how he didn't really appreciate having to lug around a GARBAGE BAG full of yarn to work in scarborough and back. oops. i just saw the haul...he wasn't kidding. it was pretty substantial. heh.

i've also been trying this new thing where i don't shampoo my hair. so, everyone knows i have this crazy horse hair that gets big and bushy and loves nothing more than to look like a wild, unbridled, heavily teased mane of the arena/cock rock lead singer idiom. peeping the old yearbook pics of yore made me realized that i was not always cursed thus. in fact, i used to have typical asian silky-sheet hair. what the eff happened? was it a misspent youth? anyway, most hairstylists tell you that you should only shampoo your hair once a week, or 4-5 times a month max, and let your natural oils do their job. so i decided to try this week. the day before my performance appraisal at work. not good, folks. i was a grease bomb. so greasy i was more properly "greazy." the roomie told me that her hair chopper told her that it's okay to condition, just refrain from the shampoo. faced with squaring off against my manager with a lank, oily, stringy mass on top and a thick, coarse nest on the bottom (it's beyond my capabilities to assign "party" or "business" categories) i followed her advice the night before and went with a condition. it actually worked! since i'm at the cottage next week and showering/personal hygiene kind of go out the window (because of the bugs! it's to avoid getting eaten alive by bugs and that's my story and i'm stickin' to it!) we'll see how this two week experiment works out.

okay. i'm out of material for the theme. it was a good run while it lasted. tonight i skipped out on yoga in favour of eating my dinner (i picked up chinese bbq - roast pork, bbq pork, and roast duck on rice with broccoli and drippings) and then passing out on big brown. dr. rei and i have actually been talking about how we look so forward to this crazy hectic ram-jammed summer being donezo so that we can go back to our regularly scheduled fall programming of holing up at casa lagerfeld, having me cook an extravagant goose dinner for no reason, sitting on big brown (the couch) and watching movies and making up the dialogue to them and laughing our pants off. fall and winter can't come soon enough!

tomorrow night i'm hitting up equinox at the el mocambo. i'm pumped. beyond pumped. stoked. this jam is going to be off the chains. a wall of drums, amens a plenty, sub-bass to make your heart asplode and make the blood thrum in your ears. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been too long since i've had a night of jungle crunkage.

then i'm off for a week at the it'll be all quiet on the chinotto hating front for a bit. i'm ultra excited for that, too.

books + knitting + lakeside sunning + face time with the family + craggy muskoka landscapes + long, easy days + nights spent by the fire trying to get the dotytron to keep up with my family's insanely attention-deficit song requests + cold water that sweeps your breath away + canoing with the boy + board games + card games + napping + s'mores + eating outside = axl rose's whistling in "patience"


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dr. rei said...

yes! big brown time is fast approaching!!! can't wait to see what inappropriately large wild beast you will cook next!