Monday, August 25, 2008

summer's swan song

has definitely begun, with the slowly rising murmur of elegiac chords for all that was. at the same time, this slow burn of a number also hints at the insular quietude of winter to come.

what a glorious end to a gloriously full and enriching summer. i couldn't ask for better. first off: equinox two fridays ago.

expectations were definitely high. we haven't been to a jungle party that's delivered in oh, almost 2+ years. each time we ready ourselves, get in the mindset, ride out the inevitable 10pm too-tired-and-contemplating-bailing zone, only to have unfortunate episodes like early summer's impromptu alcoholics anonymous showdown at fanu. i've tried to bring equinox down to toronto (from london) with c64 no less than 3 or 4 times and we're not the only promoters who gave it an honest shake. so this is a show i had been anticipating for almost 10 years.

marlon delivered. like you wouldn't believe. it was pure vibes up inside the place...everyone was in really good spirits, we were surrounded by all our jungle friends of yore, and equinox dropped smasher after smasher...reading the crowd, filling the room with his own amen-fueled infectious energy and joie de vivre. even though we knew we had to pick up the rental car for the cottage at 8am and then go grocery shopping and then commence the 3+ hour drive up to south river (about 40 minutes north of huntsville, 60km south of north bay) we stayed til almost the bitter end, telling each other, "just one more tune!" with each track dropped only quickening our desire for more. so so so good.

i'd also forgotten that jungle is MY scene. i swear, i'm like honey and all the boys (admittedly, it's a female-poor musical subgenre) are bees...i got hit on like crazy. one of which consisted of a giant (like biggie smalls sized) dude coming up behind me while i was dancing and grinding up on my butt before i knew what was happening. i nipped that one in the bud by turning around, giving him sternface and then slowly shaking my finger back and forth in the classic, "nay nay" way. i also got this little beaut of a line dropped on me (from a guy who had kept trying to catch my gaze and then would smile for the first hour that i was there): "can i ask you a question?"

me (knowing that this was the inevitable conclusion to the volley of polite [on my part] smiles that had been exchanged thus far): "sure"

"you're very pretty. you remind me of a girl i fancy very very much"



"is your name...pamela?"

WHAT THE CRAP?!? do i look like a pamela?!? what kind of a line is that?!? there's like a 1 in 100000000000000000000 chance of that working!!! i told him that no, my name was karl lagerfeld and he switched up tactics...a little too late.

the cottage was beyond lovely. i don't really know how you could build such a beautiful, airy, winterized retreat and just not live there year-round. the lake was pretty shallow throughout (with an average depth of only 20 feet) which made the water incredibly warm and inviting (for people, not so much for fish - they have a bit of an algae problem up there). the classic cottage canadian shield rock formations were present and accounted for, with long sandy stretches of entry into the water. our dock, which was unfortunately submerged by the epic amounts of rainfall we've been subjected to this summer, ended in only 3 feet of water, which made the place really kid friendly.

unlike last year's cottage, which necessitated a 40 minute drive into bracebridge for any groceries or sundries we required, this one was just 10 minutes away from the tiny town of south river (pop. 1000) which had a beer store, a lcbo, and a grocery store for everything you needed. 2 minutes drive away from the cottage, there was a little country store for smaller missions, and a public, sandy beach with playground equipment for the kids.

we ate like kings, swam like seals, read like the bookish, literary types we are, played games and watched movies like pop-culture obsessed freaks and generally had an unwinding, carefree time away from work (which we all needed).

i also perfected a technique for s'mores that effectively did away with all my problems with the dish before. here's the issue(s) i have with s'mores. first of all: too sweet, when you go with the classic hershey's chocolate. waaaaay too sweet. second of all, it's not pleasant biting into a graham cracker, hot marshmallow, cold brittle (unmelted) chocolate combination. it's always driven me crazy that the chocolate stays firm, despite it being relatively thin and doesn't melt from the heat of the marshmallow. here are my remedies:

a) bittersweet chocolate. we used ghiradelli bars (60%)
b) break off a shard of chocolate and impregnate a marshmallow with it (i used it as a kind of skewer, holding together two marshmallows, which i then pierced with my stick).
c) toast as per usual. the chocolate will be molten goo within the crackled shell of the marshmallow. use two pieces of graham cracker to squeeze the marshmallow-chocolate magma off the stick and consume.

this led me to come up with my great money-making scheme: chocolate impregnated marshmallows for s'mores making. why hasn't someone done this already??? i think it'll fly off the shelves. i just need to contact the patent office.

so...i'm writing my driver's ed test today. i've read through the book once-ish. in my defence...the driver's manual published by the ministry of transportation is SO BORING. no plot development, weak characters, and hella repetitive. heehee. i'm going to bone up on the subway ride there. i will be EXTREMELY embarrassed if i fail.


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