Thursday, August 28, 2008

so. full. of. beans.

so chipotle as a concept is pretty ace. there's four options: burrito, fajita, tacos (hard or soft), and taco salad. you pick your format from the options above and then proceed down the assembly line. your meat options are vegetarian, chicken, beef, barbacoa (simmered beef), and carnitas (simmered pork). all the meat is naturally raised and they make a conscious effort to reduce their footprint (paper bags, reusing stuff, etc.).

me and the dotytron got the carnitas burrito and the steak burrito and split them (they were out of barbacoa). you get a base of cilantro lime rice, then a choice of black or pinto beans, then your meat, then a choice of condiments: salsas (chunky mild, medium red, corn, can also get them all), then sour cream (if you want), and guacamole (extra money). they wrap it up and send you on your way. we also got an order of chips and salsa and guac and salsa.

our meal came to $25 without drinks. the burritos are HUGE. they weigh about 30% more than a burrito boyz burrito. and the ingredients all taste really fresh and not mass-produced. the corn salsa was a great addition - crunchy and sweet. the acidity in the lime cilantro rice makes everything taste bright. the carnitas were juicy and flavourful and the steak was tender and meaty. all in all, i would totally recommend it for a quick and cheap meal. my only complaint is that the chips were over-salted...but that's something that's easily fixed.

this is last night's dinner.

i'm not going to lie, the mixing today was a little rough. i think i did okay but it wasn't like i could seamlessly beatmatch after a 2+ year hiatus (longer, really). also, i suffered from not really knowing my own chunes anymore. but i'm not going to give up! somewhere, deep inside me, is an oldskool mix that will tear the place down. i just have to work hard to find it. and if there's one thing from which i do not shy away, it's hard work.

tomorrow is an early day on account of the long weekend. i'm going to finish some baking i'm undertaking for our weekend at the dotytron's family's cottage (we're leaving saturday morning) and then meet my mum and bro and her friends for dinner. we're going to table 17 in leslieville. i'll post a full review on saturday morning if i get up early enough.


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