Friday, August 15, 2008


i'm getting CRUNKED tonight, people. i'm giving myself over to a tumult of drums, bass, and rave and i'm going to love every minute of it.

getting crunked technically means that i'm going to bedeck myself rather scantily (for practical purposes, as the el mocambo has no ventilation and i sweat when i dance), pull out my trusty raving sneaks (a pair of adidas runners that have lasted me over 10+ years), and get ready to scream, yell, bang on the wall for reloads, and generally act like an idiot. i've been waiting for equinox for about 10 years now and i don't expect him to disappoint.

yes, it means i'm going to be a proper, useless hurtbag all tomorrow, but it's going to be beyond worth it.

check this for inspiration:



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