Friday, August 08, 2008

excitement abounds!

yay for extra-short work weeks!

tonight i'm meeting up with the dotytron, dr. rei, hanbo, bwong, and maybe my dodgeball boyfriend and his girlfriend to check out caplansky's. it's a common and oft-heard complaint that there's a dearth of quality delis in downtown toronto and many a pining missive has been crafted bemoaning this very fact while simultaneously casting a covetous eye on our quebecquois neighbours who have enough deli's of sufficient quality to warrant qualitative debate. generally, the default montreal smoked meat spot is schwartz's deli. it's good there, really good. caplansky's opened up in the monarch tavern a few months back and took toronto by storm. he was running out of meat within hours! obviously, this warrants further investigation and i'm just the intrepid smoked meat gumshoe to take on this case.

if by chance mr. caplanksy runs out, our backup plan is to hit up a veal sammie from san francesco's. my veal sammie heart has historically been annexed by the stout and stalwart nonnas manning the fryer's at california's sandwiches on claremont, but i've heard enough rumblings from the veal sammie underground that san francesco's does it equally well, if not better. bolstering the long tail of the interwebs was my old supervisor T's assertion that she prefer san francesco's. T's opinion on most things food and all things italian is NOT to be taken lightly. she is one of the few people in the world whose opinion i trust unequivocally (and NOT "unequivocably" as i was saying up until two weeks ago) on all things gastronomical.

so rest assured you'll get a review with pictures tomorrow morning, assuming i have my act together.

tomorrow is my friends' A and J's wedding in waterloo. i'm BEYOND excited. going to the weddings of people you actually love and care about makes all the difference in the's a guaranteed good time and i'm so happy for those two schmucks that i feel like my heart is going to asplode.

i'm also at the age where i'm more with it. i wish i was in the same headspace now as i was 8 years ago when my sister got married. at the time, i was neck-deep in filial-piety induced chafing against family ties and whatever small part of me WASN'T about throwing myself into the open arms of independence at all costs i had sold to the rave scene in exchange for bass and ecstasy. i was also with a boyfriend who was less than keen on family time and didn't really know how to give himself over to the chaos that is the lagerfeld clan. now the situation is much different. all that being said, although i shirked on the majority of my maid of honour duties, i excelled at the speech portion (writing will always be my strong suit) which i think makes up for some of my wedding etiquette shortcomings.

so...i'm kind of wearing a white dress to the wedding. it's short and kind of beachy and casual, and features a lot of silver brocade, so i thought it was totally fine and cleared it in advance with the bride to be. i told my sister this past weekend and she gave me danger-face and danger-eyes so i freaked out and went online to search out a balm for my sartorial soul only to meet the combined wrath of celebrity-blog obsessed deranged brides from all over north america, thoroughly brainwashed by vera wang and martha stewart wedding specials. oops. i didn't know it was such a bad thing! there's no way in hell i can be mistaken for the bride! S (one of the bridesmaids) has seen the dress and gave me the thumbs up and i double-checked with J (the bride) who said it was okay. so i'm flouting convention, just a little bit. i don't have time to get another dress now! all eyes will be on J's loveliness anyway...i doubt you'd be able to see anyone else in the room.

gah! tomorrow is going to be so fun!!!!!!! k-w-g crew in effect, love and gussied-up peeps in the air, good food, and dancing (NOT of the slow variety).


Ze'sMama said...

Girl, our wedding was 7 years ago and I did not give you danger face/eyes!

Big Sis

steph said...

dude, I better have not wasted those dancing lessons for nothing. there will be slow dancing, oh yes, there will be slow dancing