Monday, August 11, 2008

dancing cheek to cheek

J, looking gorgeous, as photographed by their ace photographer from hotlanta

i did very little of that. i limited my slow-dancing to a hot and heavy number with the groom's brother tony, who just might be my soulmate (he's also ranked like 7th in the WORLD - yes you read that right - for guitar hero. he's everything a girl could ever want). then my male doppelganger, A (the groom) forced me onto the floor. i guess ultimately, i don't have any real problems with slow dancing...i liked dancing with A and tony...but as a general thing, i just find slow dancing kind of awkward, forced, and hella boring.

you know what wasn't any of the above? THE WEDDING. oh what a time we had! i love love love my friends and i love them together and i love seeing them all dressed up and surrounded with people they love. it's the best! J (the bride) is one of the prettiest girls i've ever seen and made a beautiful bride. the wedding had all the flavour of their respective personalities and elements of everything i liked about them and it was so heartfelt and moving and everything you want something like that to be.

the dotytron, C and i got seated at the "ex-raver" table (shout outs to table 5) and it was so much fun. no stilted small talk, everyone was so chill and friendly. the food was delicious...a fantastic vegetarian buffet with a late night cheese table and the moistest, freshest tasting wedding cake i've ever tried. the wedding cake tasted like home baking, which is what all commercial baking should aspire to.

that's C and A looking adorable

the dotytron, C and i had some time to kill before we could check into our hotel room, so we went to the st. jacob's farmer's market. humina humina! it was mennonite, farmer's market, country kraut heaven. so many vendors, selling fruits and vegetables, flowers, antiques, mennonite country quilts, many great food stalls selling proper bavarian food like perogies and octoberfest sausage...some middle eastern fare i'd never seen before, fried doughs a' plenty. we lined up for an eternity to get fresh-made apple fritters (well worth the wait) and just missed the last of the pig's tails (not a actual pig's tail that is boiled and then bbq'd - be still my gristle-lovin' heart!). if we didn't have a wedding to go to and the promise of a delicious meal in the immediate future, i think i could have easily spent $50 on schnitzels, summer sausages, fritters, baked goods, breads, etc. and needed to be rolled out in the back of a horse-drawn buggy.

we drove through a torrential rainstorm (story of my summer) to get to the wedding and witnessed FLOODING first-hand! it was terribly exciting (though also kind of scary). waterloo is kind of dippy in spots and the water was at least 1/3 of the way up the car at certain points. we drove through lagoons that sent waves of water splashing in either direction that was taller than the car. i also saw a sewer backing up and bubbling up with s**t water. it was gross. you know when you see flooded areas on tv and kids think it's fun and are swimming in the water? THAT'S DISGUSTING. that is poo water, people. you've been warned.

we came home yesterday and pooped out for a good long while, then went over to the doty's mater and pater's house for a belated birthday dinnie for me. it was yummy and fun and relaxing.

in other news...I HAVEN'T PACKED FOR THE COTTAGE YET. i know. it's totally huge. i'm not entirely happy about it either. people who know me well know that i like to pack for things at *least* 1-2 weeks in advance. last year, i was packed for the cottage 3 full weeks before we were going to depart, which caused no small amount of fuss with the dotytron because stuff that he needed for day to day living was packed up and he thinks i'm crazy for packing in advance.

in my defense, i pack early to avoid the last minute, (seemingly inevitable) scenario where the dotytron stands in the middle of the bedroom in his socks and underwear, the night before we're about to depart, when i'm buzzing around sorting out passports and other last minute details, and says, "okay. what should i bring?" it drives me BONKERS. but, that's part of our story so i've made peace with it. kinda.

tonight we went to harbord fish'n'chips post game with the girls from the team. i doubt i'll have any time to cook anything all it's shaping up to be takeout city.


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