Wednesday, July 30, 2008

womynz and needles and yarn and crafts

tonight i hosted H and baby D and M and new friend L for a craft and dinner session at mi casa. it would probably have more properly been called a "stitch'n'bitch" if i didn't find that name completely trite and cliched and well, objectionable. besides, H doesn't knit, so she brought her own the end, we didn't end up crafting at all, but talked and ate. i also took the opportunity to wind a few skeins of yarn into yummy yarn cakes.

M is a vegan so i made a pasta of spaghettini, tossed with chopped fresh tomatoes, raw red onion, diced, a whole bunch of basil, chili oil, olive oil, minced garlic, and balsamic.

i also made a roasted garlic eggplant dip (vegan friendly) which we slathered onto slices of ace bakery sourdough baguette. i also offered olive tapenade (vegan friendly) and goat's cheese mixed with roasted red peppers and chili paste (non vegan friendly, but hella tasty).

for dessert we had vegan friendly cupcakes that H's baby daddy, "that guy" made. i also made peanut butter cookies which were sandwiched around breyers pure vanilla ice cream for ice cream sammies.

in knitting news: i'm almost done the current project i've been working on all month. now i have to whip together a baby sweater because my former prof wrote me a nice email and now i'm going to give her a baby sweater for the baby her and her husband had in february. i wasn't going to at first (because of the whole phone call fiasco), but well, my modus operandi is "knitting for strangers" (as the dotytron calls it), so she fits my profile. the dotytron and the roomie are always going on about how i totally go above and beyond the call of duty for strangers...expending time and energy and money making handknit stuff for people i barely know. maybe i'm just too nice? i really should stop though, because there are people i actually LOVE that i should be knitting for. my ravelry queue is epic and i've got 5 or 6 projects lined up after i finish this one...and i have to get a jump on holiday knitting, since christmas is only like, 5 months away!!!!!! that's right, only 5 months!!!!!

i've got a lot on my plate right now too, what with my family's cottage getaway happening soon. organizing that is a bit of a gong show, but i've got my trusty excel spreadsheets and innate project management skills to help me. oh, which reminds me...


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