Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the weekend that was

i've updated the post yesterday to include a picture of the raw chicken in question that i made bwong take with his camera phone for posterity (or future blackmailing/vengeance plots).

the other hilarious by-product of our ignominious ousting from the patience-destroying (but gastronomically satisfying) halls of el sol was that during the conversation, we somehow started talking about microsoft word, and the dotytron went on this little tirade (complete with gestures) about trying to "catch" that paperclip thing (the one that tries to "help" you with suggestions for bulleted lists that you don't want) and how the paperclip is always twisting and contorting and zipping around the screen and out of your grasp and then disappearing into a puff of smoke. lol!!!!

i contend that the paperclip is also sometimes a cat, or a professor. but that claim was hotly contested.

so saturday i woke up, packed my stuff and headed to J's shower/bachelorette party. it was a hoot but also, at the same time, a comedy of errors that was made hilarious and fun because of the company we kept. we started in guelph where i lost bigtime on the shower games but won bigtime in accolades for my banana muffin/cupcakes (or, "muffcakes") with cream cheese frosting. then we got ourselves dolled up (for dr. rei - i did dramatic eyes! i don't know how well it worked though) and piled into a comically oversized, tony micelli van and hauled our asses to niagara falls, engaging in some "would you rather" and sex sharing and truth circle girly talk on the way down to keep us occupied. once there, it was kind of a gong. mostly because the stupid bouncer at the club wouldn't accept my 13 year old driver's license as i.d. the nerve! once the bride-to-be won big on the video black jack ($20!!!) it totally got the blood pumping and the bride-to-be's rendition of "total eclipse of the heart" at the outdoor karaoke venue (complete with some random drunk ho crashing the stage and trying to steal some of J's thunder) brought us out with a bang. it was an epic night.

in other exciting news...i'm competing with a colleague in the our division's bocce tournament and we're tied for first!!! we play in the finals sometime this week. i effin' LOVE bocce. the pot isn't huge but we all know how ultra-competitive i am so i'd play for a carton of toothpicks. we each paid $2 to play and the winning team splits the pot. we've got 5 teams entered. winning is so close...i can almost taste it!

tonight for dinner i made the tandoori turkey breast that i've been marinating since friday. it was supposed to be for a special sunday dinnie for our montreal friend I and her bf, but i was so ruined on sunday that i couldn't bear the thought of having to do anything. it's one turkey breast and 2 chicken legs (i was worried the turkey breast wasn't going to be enough when there was more than just the house-family that were supposed to be eating it), that i marinated (bwong helped put it together) in tandoori spices and yoghurt and then grilled over indirect heat.

alongside, i cut up some yukon gold potatoes and then put them in a pot of cold, salted water. i put a lid on and as soon as the water came to a boil, i drained the tatties. then i fried up some onion and fennel, some coriander seed, tumeric, a bit of cumin and cayenne, and added the potatoes so they got all browned and crispy on the outside. i also made that iranian salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion and lemon juice, and i added fresh mint instead of the dried that dr. rei uses.



K said...

Banana muffincupcakes with cream cheese frosting!!

schmee said...

the paperclip is named "clippy" ... no joke

and you're right in that you can change clippy to other characters including einstein

i'll post video of jen's karaoke tonight so you can relive it... over and over.

Chris said...

i always used to have that fat cat on!

you've be vindicated twice here. that should be sufficient ammo.