Saturday, July 19, 2008

unintentional sauna

holy creepers it's hot in my house today. it's hot everywhere today. i hope hope hope it doesn't rain so that i can dunk myself in some cool, pee-saturated, chlorinated waters. i need to take a billion cold showers just to feel semi-normal and semi-fresh.

the only thing left to do on the vegan cake is frost, decorate, and inscribe. it tastes pretty good! as in...really good! as in...can't tell it's vegan! i'm impressed, even if it is a b***h to work with.

i also want to tinker with my bbq as i think i have to make some adjustments to the venturi tubes again...i'm not really looking forward to that. i'm dragging my feet about leaving the house to go get more icing sugar because it stays so cool in the basement. i also have to test the propane tanks to see how much fuel we have in there...i have to make sure there's enough for tomorrow. i'd take rain today instead of tomorrow, but i don't think we'll have much luck with that. something [aka the weather network and accuweather] tells me it's going to pour tomorrow and then we'll all have to cram inside the house...boooooo.

i'll post pics of the cake tomorrow/later today.


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