Sunday, July 27, 2008

too. much.

i came stumbling home today at 11am after a whole day and night spent at my friend J's shower/bachelorette , going on way too little sleep, to find the dotytron at home (unexpectedly, as he had spent the night at the groom's bachelor party) looking surprisingly fresh and watching "ladyhawk."

i dropped my bags and declared: "i feel like i have lived a thousand lifetimes"

this weekend was epic. i am ruined. and i am NOT ready to go back to work. here's a teaser:

- got the banhammer from el sol
- epic trans-municipality shower in guelph/niagara
- the dotytron's night of hilarity
- I and M visiting from Montreal
- watched "21" (worst movie ever)
- d/l "parenthood" (best movie ever)

so beyond. so so so tired.


1 comment:

Chris said...

could you elaborate on the "banhammer?"