Friday, July 11, 2008

stranger things have happened...

right? right?

so get this. on thursday, i went for a run at lunch. as i was doing my post-run stretching (or my reasonable approximation thereof, cobbled together from yoga positions that feel good and are focused on the hamstrings), this guy gets up of this bench close by and ambles towards me and asks me how far i run. so i tell him, "oh, just 3 times's a little less than 5km" and he goes, "well, i'd like to get back into running, and i just live over at harbord and huron [is huron a real street?!??], so i'll give you my number so if you want a running buddy you can give me a call." at this point, i'm on major HOBO ALERT. so i go, "don't you work?" and he's like, "yeah i work downtown" so i go "ummm...but you're available to go running in the midday?" and he's like, "yeah, i usually have mornings and early afternoons off" WHAT KIND OF JOB IS THAT? anyway, i took the scrap of newspaper he had written his name and number on (the name is "john" btw). totally fishy. and i know i would NEVER, IN A MILLION YEARS CALL A RANDOM DUDE (even though he wasn't NOT attractive) (whatever happened to email?), but at the same time, a part of me is wondering if i'm being scaredy-cat city girl. more realistically, a part of me is wondering if maybe he's really a billionaire oil tycoon and being running buddies would be the launchpad for him becoming my patron and buying me a house in downtown toronto. but that doesn't happen, right? what are the odds that some random queen's park bench-loafer is actually a really nice, decent, cool, funny dude that i could become bosom buddies with? slim to none. but WHAT IF HE'S AN OIL TYCOON?!??!

i skipped out on yoga on thursday because the roomie's good friend P from long island is in town for a visit and i'd much rather hang with her. i also stopped off at my colleague E's house to visit with her and her squishy little baby and give her some food i made so that they could have a home-cooked dinner.

last night we took it easy and loafed at home...the roomie (who has the weekend off) and P didn't really want to go out. we ate dinner and then sat in the backyard talking until our eyelids started drooping and the night air lulled us to sleep. we didn't end up going to see sean paul and akon last night...which is kind of disappointing. i mean...that concert was kind of guaranteed to be dance-fest 2020. i wish they had sold lawn seats. it's kind of hard dancing in the seats at molson amphitheatre. anyway, i'm kind of bummed about it because "i want to f**k you" is only the best song ever. and don't even get me STARTED on sean da paul. he's got the right temperature to shelter me from the storm. nuff said.

on thursday i made sammies out of the leftover brisket. i sliced it up, mixed prepared horseradish with mayonnaise and added cheddar cheese and provolone and threw the whole mess in a kaiser and from there into the panini machine. i also made a salad of celery, red pepper, cucumber and scallions in a mint-cumin dressing. so crunchy and fresh!

last night i made that lentil, pancetta, baby spinach and fried goat cheese salad. with crostinis. and the last of that orange hazelnut tart for dessert. i kind of wanted to go see z-trip, but it was $25 (in advance, more at the door) alongside a bunch of punks i don't care about...and that's a tough call. it was probably guaranteed to be less of a dance-fest than akon and sean da paul. this weekend and the next are the only two that i have (relatively) free before summer explodes on my ass in a maelstrom of trips-to-rochester-cottage-wedding-bachelorette-visiting-friends. i'm knitting this thing right now...and the sick thing is: i'm TOTALLY OBSESSED. it's all i want to do. i think about it at work and i'm kind of hoping that whatever social engagements i do have can be manipulated to account for me being stationary enough to work on it. i haven't had this in a while. i keep staying up past my bedtime, trying to coax a few more rows out of my rapidly cramping and stiffening fingers, battling my heavy eyelids and stupid distractions like, oh, i don't know, having a conversation with my life partner. this pattern offers a LOT of joy in that it grows really fast so you see results and the simplicity of the pattern belies how intricate and pretty the resulting fabric is. eek! i'm in love!

i had an incredibly frustrating and aggravating lunch with my bio-dad yesterday. the hard thing is...the guy's such an infuriating schmuck but i can't stay mad at him (i actually have a hard time staying mad at most tender are my heartstrings. technically my anger tends to explode in a rant-y supernova and then fizzle out and disappear in a poof of dust. gone. forgotten. done.). i think it's because he's getting on in years...and he's chinese (duh) so he's barreling towards landing smack-dab in the middle of my ultra-desirable, unimpeachable, empathy-inducing demographic.

today i'm doing some errands, going for a run, maybe playing a round of no-rules tennis with P. then i'm heading out to meet my friend H and hang with her and J and their baby D. then homeward bound, for some more experimentation in al fresco deep frying. bwong's coming over. we're having a southern feast of buttermilk-brined fried chicken, angel biscuits, coleslaw, and lemon meringue pie. tasty!

we might go dancing tonight if we can find something worth going to. there's a few things going on that seem like they might be fun. we'll see. i'm content to just hang and talk in the backyard all night and get a full night's worth of sleep.


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