Monday, July 07, 2008

sometimes you don't know what you want

until fate intervenes. the other night we were watching some music video count down on much more music (is there anything tracy melchor does OTHER than count backwards in skimpy outfits and over-teased hair?!?) and p.e.'s "fight the power" came on. i off-handedly said, "i want one of those l.a. raiders jackets" and no sooner had the words fallen from my lips when i realized that I'VE NEVER SPOKEN ANYTHING MORE TRUE or that SPEAKS TO MY INNERMOST YEARNINGS more. i really DO want one of those old skool l.a. raiders jackets. desperately. if i get one, the dotytron says he's going to get one of those similar jackets from the same era that had the continent of africa on it in red, green and gold (p)leather. i also want one of those cloth hats with the flap that protects the back of your neck from canada's wonderland. in an ideal world, it would be the ones they released in support of the bat or the vortex. i've started scouring ebay to no avail. le sigh.

tonight i made a mish-mash of a salad that was a cool, delicious, and healthy respite both from the humidity blanketing toronto in a wet-wool-comforter-in-a-sauna oppressiveness AND from the number i did on my colon at canada's wonderland yesterday. holy crap the food there is holy crap. the salad consists of baby spinach, chickpeas, bulghur, bulgarian feta, sliced cucumber, avocado chunks, sliced shallot, chunks of just-hard boiled egg, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. it was amazing. lots of great texture and intensely satisfying.

now i'm off to play dodgeball...but really...all i want to do is work on my new knitting project. it's taken me by storm.


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