Friday, July 18, 2008

slow on the uptake

so, apparently everyone in the whole, wide, world but me knew that "the dark knight" on imax is one of the fastest selling imax features ever and it was sold out two years ago, etc., etc. the crazy thing is, i remember reading that very fact, but for some reason, i was operating under the delusion that people in toronto aren't as committed to batman as i am, or something. i was fully convinced that i would be able to buy tickets for the sunday late show. wrrrrrong! so very, very wrong. we've got tickets to see the regular showing. i can live with that. just barely. as long as i still get to see it opening weekend.

note to self: must stop over-exerting self on friday evenings after work. i came home today and went buck until not too long ago. i pitted about 2.5lbs of sweet and sour cherries (destined for a twin peaks-worthy pie) with my new cherry pitter. i made a double batch of pie crust, i jarred my strawberry fig jam and marveled over the yield (12 jars!!!), and i made two layers of a vegan cake.

there is a problem when you do so many things after a full week of 9-5 work, on the first night of the weekend, when every synapse in your body, bred by a whole lifetime of north american enculturation in the "working for the weekend" paradigm, is crying out for beer (or the equivalent) and good, old fashioned, putting your feet up. the first problem was that pitting cherries is HELL. even with a cherry pitter. and i'm already resenting my ode to twin peaks pie. the second problem is that i don't know if i put the right amount of flour in the pie dough. oops. the third problem is...this vegan cake recipe tastes pretty good, but the yield is crapola. which means i have to make ANOTHER two layers tomorrow morning. and run the oven. during the worst heat wave of the summer so far. the vegan cake is also VERY delicate. i used this recipe. i have NO IDEA how the girl managed to cut those cake layers in half to make four. the cake is so tender and delicate, it falls apart when you look at it. moving it is mad hassles. so i'm going to double up and make an extra tall cake. the cake tasted very non-vegan though, which was promising. i'm going to sandwich it with strawberry jam and make a lemon-confectioner's sugar-toffuti cream cheese (maybe, that last ingredient is up in the air) frosting and decorate the whole thing with ontario strawberries.

did i mention that i did all this before eating dinner? i kept plowing through, the ticker-tape in my head reading "you'll order pizza when you're'll order pizza when you're done" until it was 8:30 and i was starving and cranky as all hell and making s****y ass food. bad call, lagerfeld, bad call.

another bad call is trying to craft a blog entry while listening to culture beat's "mr vain" on repeat x a billion. so distracting! guys...can i just say that i'm MUY disappointed in this year's summer anthems (or the lack thereof?) what the heck is going on here? in what universe does "lollipop" count as a summer anthem? i would KILL for some "the way i are" right now. or "what you know" or "hustlin'" or "riding dirty." this summer is crap for tunes. boo. now i'm onto snap's "rhythm is a dancer." now i wish the dotytron still had two turntables so i could make a mix. hmmmmmmm...


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