Sunday, July 20, 2008

it's like a backstreet boys video out there...

the rain has been pouring down, flushing the humidity that's been dampening spirits in our fair city down the drain and bringing some relief from the near-total stickiness that's made contact with 99% of surfaces for the past few days a total nightmare. i've been taking no less than 3 cold showers a day. for david suzuki's benefit: they've been quick ones! just to get the film off.

yesterday was a busy one with a LOT of puttering going on. i baked the cake. the frosting was a little up in the air, but overall, it turned out REALLY good! the layers were crumbly and sweet with a hint of lemon, nicely accented by the strawberry jam layers. the frosting had a nice lemon flavour too...the "sheese" (soy cream cheese) i used approximated regular cream cheese's tang so the flavour was good. my only complaint is that it was runny as all hell, so the cake didn't look all that pretty. boo.

the party was a lot of fun, too! the host had this beautiful one bedroom apartment in a not-so-nice part of town, with a gas stove and gorgeous exposed brick and an amazing open-concept layout. it was STEAMY up there but the conversation was fun and i randomly reconnected with this dude C i went to university with. we hung out a bit in undergrad and he came to some of the attic raves my ex bf threw (we had flyers and an INFOLINE and a chill out room [where we played aphex twin and anime] and everything!). he was doing his masters at ryerson/york and he came with me to see baudrillard and spivak and susan sontag at a conference and that was the last i saw of him (this was when i was half-heartedly pursuing my masters' at like...5 years ago?). then he shows up at the party! how random!

he's super nice. but like, still into anarchy. i found this out AFTER i went on my usual rampage about how "there's certain things you have to grow out anarchy. and drum circles." or when i was trying to describe breakcore to him, and i'm like, "it's kind of juvenile. like...rage against the machine's politics and like, grade 10 anarchy crossed with industrial-sounding drum'n'bass." then i asked him how he was connected, and he goes, "well, my roommate knows J [the birthday boy, and H's main squeeze] and i met my roommate because we used to edit the anarchist university press together. that was up until a year ago." *tugs at collar* oops. HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT 30-YEAR OLDS ARE INTO ANARCHY! there's certain things you're supposed to outgrow! like being a goth! and anarchy! sheesh. he was also kind of odd because he's finishing his phd in "urban studies" and i was trying to get him to explain what that meant and he's like, "you's very sociology, very qualitative, very cultural studies." talk like that kind of makes me hate cultural studies and i LOVE cultural studies. i just think the proponents are the wackness. that doesn't MEAN anything! and i was asking him what kind of music/movies/you know...CULTURE, he was into and he was all like, "i basically hang out at home...i rarely leave the house." how can you write about cultural studies or "urban studies" and not like, have any connection to urban culture or culture-culture?

no wonder anarchy seems like a good solution! you have NO IDEA what's going on in the world! so it's like dreamsville la-la land as far as you're concerned. it's like these people have been living in a bubble since undergrad while the rest of the world (of which i consider myself a part) has moved ON. i dunno...he's super nice and i'm super glad we met up and he's totally chill and i want to hang...i just feel very removed from his frame of reference. he's all hakim bey and i'm all i dunno...another bad creation. ha!

during the day after going buck frankenstein-ing that cake into some semblance of propriety, i went to the pool with dr. rei to de-stickify myself with the rest of the great unwashed of the east side. pools are f**king awesome. no doubt. indeed. it's so nice to sun yourself and get too hot and step five feet away into cool, refreshing, chlorinatedness. it was heavenly. then we ate freezies and then i went to the party.

now i'm chilling after eating breakfast. this is the first proper sunday breakfast in a long, long time. we just haven't been home or have been super-busy or had plans or just inclined for a step-above start for the day on sundays. it was nice. now i'm going to knit and go to a yoga class and ready myself for bbq and "the dark knight" (!!!!!!!!!!!) tonight. my bros have already seen it and my sister saw the midnight show opening night (i think) or some shiat. i told you i come from a family of diehard batman fans! the ribs are smoking away in an applewood bath of incendiary fumes, the potato salad is done, my cherry pie is textbook-correct (lattice and all!), the chocolate pudding pie has been whipped cream festooned and is chilling idly, and the last thing i have to do is put together the tomato, watermelon, feta, mint, and preserved lemon salad.

so i'm opening my arms to a leisurely sunday. love this.


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