Sunday, July 06, 2008

it pays to have foodie friends

...that show up on your doorstep bearing burrata gifts. from wikipedia: "Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it a unique soft texture. It is usually served fresh, at room temperature. Burrata, once only packaged in leaves, is nowadays wrapped in a plastic sheet, sometimes printed with a leaves pattern on the outside. Even so, the tradition of having a wrapper of asphodel leaves (leeks) is still followed, even if only covering outside the plastic. The leaves are indicators of the freshness of the Burrata; as long as the leaves are green, the cheese within is still fresh and ready to ooze out. The name "burrata" means "buttered" in Italian."

last night i ended up doing a antipasto meal al fresco. we were supposed to have two friends over for dinnie but they bailed. bwong came over and then my friend J showed up with the aforementioned burrata and tomatoes and basil, which he turned into a lovely caprese salad. i've had burrata twice before. once at canoe, where it came wrapped in leaves and the other time one the buffalo mozzarella tasting plate at this mozzarella bar called obika in rome. i'm obsessed with it. it's the creamiest, softest, sweetest cheese on earth.

i made deep fried zucchini blossom fritters, stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, lemon zest, basil and mint, and battered and deep fried. i should have gone with a tempura batter. the beer batter was a little thick and not lacy enough. i also did those stuffed roasted peppers which were FANTASTIC. another win for old supervisor T. i had a charcuterie plate of proscuitto, sweet capicollo, a dry sausage and some guanciale; olives, and a ball of buffalo mozzarella that i served with an orange marmalade from italy. yum! i was kind of meat and cheese drunk by the end of it. for dessert i made an orange curd tart in a hazelnut crust which tasted like an orange creamsicle. i really enjoyed that dessert. it's nice cold...but even nicer slightly frozen. we also did some experimenting with the deep fryer. (i hauled it outside and it was awesome). we battered and deep fried the following: oreos (doesn't really improve them), twix (ditto), toblerone (deep fried is quite nice), wunderbar (deep fried also is quite nice), peanut butter cups (deep fryer obliterates them), and kinder surprise buenos (deep frying is decent, but au natural is still better).

it was a lovely evening spent outside in the backyard. today i'm up fairly early for a sunday and am in my skanky best (flimsy halter top, denim cut-offs) to spend the day at wonderland with my k-w-g-tdot crew. i'm so excited! the dotytron has lots of nostalgia for being at wonderland with a scantily clad girlfriend (something i don't think he got to experience in high school), so whenever i'm dressing myself for a wonderland outing, he's MORE than encouraging of me landing this side of slightly age-inappropriate. funnel cakes and foot long hot dogs, here i come! the behemoth looks crazy...i'm pumped (and filled with silent terror).


so i didn't get a chance to finish posting before i was whisked away by A & C in their slick new automobile to the wonderest of wonderlands. allow me to first say this: as skanky as i thought i was, i was NO match for the lascivious depths that wanton teenagers are willing to plumb. when i was in high school, there was NO WAY IN HELL that i would have worn underwear shorts with my bum hanging out and a bikini top all day where people would see me. oh hells no. i remember vividly that the first time i showed a little flesh was when i wore a lavender tank top with about 1/2" straps to art class one day (they were 2 for $20 at like, stitches or some s**t) and i almost barfed. i was so noticeably awkward that my art class friend, A (the dotytron's first gf, actually), kindly took notice on me and said, "you don't usually wear that kind of thing, do you?" and when i said no, she was really nice and said, "i can tell. you look nervous. you look fine." before that point it was extra large tshirts or large if i was feeling sassy. anyway, girls nowadays may or may not be sluts, but they sure do dress like it. end of story.

but not! because the behemoth is awesome slash terrifying. we also went on the minebuster close to the end of the evening and by comparison, the behemoth is the butteriest ride ever, whereas the minebuster is like rubbing sunburnt skin against a cat post wrapped in sisal. it's the bumpiest, gankiest ride ever. no more! we were there for a little shy of 12 full hours and definitely got our monies worth. we hit the stunt car one, vortex, the fly, top gun, tomb raider (i only know the names of the rides prior to paramount realizing that the amusement park game is a loser's bet), the sponge bob square pants virtual reality 3d business, psyclone, sledgehammer, wild nightmares, this spin-twirl thing i forget the name of...we ran tings. the company was great. the circle of sharing and honesty was everything you want the sharing circle to be. the food was a zillion dollars and profoundly unsatisfying...basically, it was your prototypical wonderland experience. aces!

now i've managed to shower the filth of my day off my body and i'm eagerly waiting for the moment when my hair is dry enough to smush down under my clean sheets. the dotytron has planned that we're going to watch "meatballs" until we fall asleep. regular readers of this blog know that one of my favorite pre-bed activities is to spend my last conscious minutes terrorizing the dotytron's. this lately has involved the following.

*whispered falsetto*

"look at the staaaars/see how they shiiine foooor yoooouuuu/and all the things yoouuu dooo/wearealll mrwawwwwwwwww"

dotytron, with tears streaming down his face, finds it in the depths of his manly resolve to interject: "isn't it 'we are all yellow?'"

"shut up! this is MY song"

*repeat x a billion*



schmee said...

Every little thing that you do
I'm so in love with you
It just keeps getting better

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

can't wait to sing that to you and J during your first dance at the wedding!

better boost the sound system. just to be on the safe side.

schmee said...

you can do it if you pitch bend your voice t-pain style

kitsch:in:sync said...

ah but did you ride...THE BOHEMIAN!?! ahahalol0rz!1!!one11