Monday, July 14, 2008

i'm growing up i've decided, in a fit of maturity, that i'll try to be less venti latte all up on here. i'm feeling minor pangs of guilt for being so ranty about the poor roomie, when she really is a lovely, warm, loving, hippie flakebot of a grandma-teenager, who thinks it's appropriate to breastfeed until the child is 5 (!!!!!).

on the other hand...maybe i won't change. i mean, this is all stuff that i feel totally comfortable saying to the roomie in a face-to-face setting, albeit on here, it gets all tarted up for literary entertainment purposes and skewed to my perspective because,'s *my* blog, right? i kind of consider this place a dumping ground for various updates and life-related overflow and i think i keep stuff pretty context-specific (ie. i don't say that the roomie is a jerk...just that she can sometimes, in certain situations, do jerky things). i *think* most of the people who find their way here know that i'm not a total a-hole and know that i ratchet things up for dramatic effect but that i'm really a nice person in actions, if not so much in words. i dunno...i figure if the worst that can be said about her is that she's being weird about staying home to let in the plumber on her day off...then i think that in the grand scheme of things...not such a big deal. i think i feel a certain license because i know the roomie is internet and reading averse and wouldn't go trawling for info. i wouldn't ever talk smack about people i know who regularly appear here. i'm not really in the business of hurting people's feelings. i don't really consider it talking smack. i'm not like perez hilton (whom i despise). stuff happens, people come into my orbit, i make an assessment on the situation and comment on it. but i know i'm also pretty thick-skinned and reading stuff about how i acted like a wackjob on the interweb probably wouldn't bother me all that much, especially if it's someone whose opinion i discredited (and luckily for me, i discredit everyone who has an opinion that doesn't line up neatly with mine own. it's a fortuitous coincidence, that). i dunno...i'd like to think that i rarely do stuff to elicit rants from others. but maybe there are tonnes of blogs out there devoted to how weird i am for taking the time to knit stuff for (practically) strangers. let me take stock about how i feel about that. *pause* nope. doesn't ruffle my feathers in the least.

maybe i should include a disclaimer. here it goes: KARL LAGERFELD, ESQUIRE ACTUALLY LOVES HUMANITY IN ALL ITS WOBBLY, MUDDLED GLORY. better? COMMENTS INDICATING OTHERWISE ARE ALWAYS TEMPORALLY AND SPATIALLY CONTEXTUALIZED AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE TAKEN WITH THE CAVEAT THAT KARL LAGERFED, ESQUIRE UNDERSTANDS THAT MOST PEOPLE ARE GENUINELY KIND AND DECENT BUT WITH VARIOUS ECCENTRICITIES AND FOIBLES. THESE ADD TO THE TEXTURE AND WONDER OF LIFE. i don't think i came to any resolution. other than that people (myself included) are wack and imperfect beings and i'll try to try to be a bit more judicious and circumspect in my renderings in the future. there.

in other non-related news: so far the rolling stones are winning, but by a slim margin. it's not a runaway. the us version of the stones' "between the buttons" album contains "ruby tuesday" which is a slightly unfair advantage, as far as songs go. no sooner had the recorder part started its' medieval fluttering behind mick's sonorous, doleful balladeering than me and the dotytron both shouted "FIVE!" the beatles' "in my life" is a very, very strong contender...but i really dislike "michelle" (the dotytron gave it high marks for a strong melody, but i find it treacly and asinine). we'll see how future listening sessions go...but i love a little sleaze in my rock and the beatles are very, very unsleazy.

today i have dodgeball after work. P might come and watch me play. if she does and if she has her car, then i'm going to try to convince her to go to ghandi's so we can have delicious rotis for dinner. if she doesn't come, then i think i'm going to order pizza nova for dinner or pizza of some variety as i've been craving it lately. when the dotytron and i were out and about yesterday we had the foresight to pick up a 4-pack of cinnabon cinnamon buns which will promptly be devoured for dessert. those things are MONDO but oh-so-delicious. exciting news is that P lives on long island and has extended an open invitation for us to visit her. the roomie isn't so big on new york city and has had a bad experience but i will GLADLY jump at the chance to spend a long weekend or four days in the big apple, especially with the prospect of a comfortable, friend-hosted place to lay my head. i hadn't really been planning on an nyc adventure any time soon, but with an open invitation extended, it would be remiss not to capitalize on it.

i'll throw up pictures of last night's burgers and mac salad when i get home. the burger was a beauty! 100% all beef, baby. that's all you need. and ace bakery burger buns don't hurt either. they're pretty elusive and rare, but i had the local grocery store special order them in for me.


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