Tuesday, July 01, 2008

good morning in the morning!

it's 9am. we've been up since 6am, because well...that's what you do when you're the pit boss. we put the brisket in and have it set at a steady 200F, where it will remain until 6pm or so. now we're off to play tennis. it's shaping up to be a perfectly lovely day *crosses fingers*.

today is canada day. to celebrate, we're having a southern bbq. ha! (sorry canada, your food kinda sucks, sometimes).

may i present, the menu:

deviled eggs (of course)
olives (not so southern, but necessary nibblies)
cheese and crackers (ibid)
texas brisket with my chipotle bbq sauce
corn bread
cole slaw
tomato and watermelon salad with feta, mint, and preserved lemon (southern-ish, but i'm kind of obsessed with this salad right now)

lemon chess pie with whipped cream
strawberry pie with whipped cream

the soundtrack will be heavy on the credence, hotlanta hip hop, the band, and heart (because heart transcends all).

happy canada day! pictures will be posted a demain.


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