Thursday, July 31, 2008


yayyayayayayayay!!! it's my birthday on saturday! and it's a long weekend! and tomorrow i only have to work til 3:30pm! then i'm going to rochester to hang with my sister and outlaw bro and the kids. both my bro-bros might be coming along too and the dotytron is joining us on saturday morning.

i'm soooo excited for the fun and relaxing we're going to be having/doing. MOVIE TRAILERS ON DEMAND! the DRIVE IN! golfing at the old hickory gold club (where a round WITH club rentals costs the pauperly sum of $25!!!!!) wegman's cake with whipped cream frosting (if my bro-bros come down, it's s-dawg's birthday in a week, so we might get TWO cakes. my favorite yellow cake with the lemon filling AND a blackout cake, which we've never had before!!!)! vanilla cheesecake from the cheesecake factory!!! pizza pauls!!! TARGET!!!!!

best birthday weekend ever. and my friends are cute! look what M and L got me (completely unexpectedly):

it's a cake decorating kit!

and look what H made me. it's a tweedy owl wearing a suit! look at how dapper he is! she's so talented! and my partner won the work bocce tournament! it was a real nail-biter of a game. we played to 9 points and we were down 7-3. then slowly, point by point, we made an inexorable comeback until we were tied 8-8. i threw the winning bocce! it was terrifically exciting. truth be told, i'm a little sad now that the tournament is over. but there's been talk of a fall edition, so there's that to look forward to.

ex-bf c64 was there to witness it all and help out with the reffing. he came by my work to pick up the extra set of house keys so that he can change the litter and feed the cats while we're gone. we have to be EXTRA diligent about the litter because boddington has taken to peeing outside of the box when his routine is interrupted (a trait he picked up while we were in italy and left the cats in the roomie's care...something tells me she was less than circumspect about her duties). so, the roomie's excuse is that she doesn't know if she's going to be home ever (she might be at births or whatnot) and that it's better to have c64 do it then her. it's a little annoying (for all parties, i'm sure...since c64 now lives a 15 minute subway ride away) but whatever...what can you do. it gives me more ammunition the next time she bugs me about her getting a teacup chihuahua.

then i made c64 buy me a sausage cuz it's my birthday. he got off easy considering i baked him a GIANT hostess cupcake cake. for my dinner i ate two dufflet cupcakes i bought at the store. heehee. it's my birthday (soon)! i can do what i want to! in fact...i've even made up a little ditty to that effect. it goes a little something like this:

*sing song, child-like cadence*

"it's my biiiiiirrrthdaaay / i can do what i waaaaaannnnt to / cuz it's my biiiiirrrtthdaay / i can do what i waaaaannnnt to"

the dotytron likes it when i make up songs. really! i'm not lying!

speaking of making up song's...the dotytron's sister just released her cd. she got 4/4 in the toronto star (better than nas!!! better than miley cyrus!!!) and 3/5 in now (on par with nas!!! better than rza as bobby digital!! but not as good as conor oberst and john mellencamp!!!).

now i'm going to un-paint my toenails and let them breathe a bit and then go to yoga and then come home and do the final once-over for my u.s.a tour.

lucky button, signing off!


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