Tuesday, July 15, 2008

excuse the appearance...

at chinotto-hating headquarters inc. i've recently discovered that my wee little blog is quite ugly and ungainly and i've resolved to rectify the situation through the deployment of an ingenius toolkit that consists of equal parts cribbing design elements from blogs with an aesthetic i admire, tapping my more html-savvy friends (tip o' the hat to C for her offers of assistance) for help, and using the features installed on blogger to make this place a little more representative of yours truly. right now, i'm pretty keen on a sagey green and grey colour scheme, with serif-y fonts and more links. it's a work in progress...we'll see how much i can do before i have to call in the reserves.

so the ipod. i took it into irepair which is a little place run by harold and kumar (or they might as well be harold and kumar) that purports to fix ipods and apple gear and the like. it's on my way to dodgeball, so i figured i'd pop in. the dude takes it into the back room (which, judging by the size of the front room is probably a crawl space) and returns 10 minutes later telling me that my hold button is effed up. i amused myself in the meantime by shamelessly and voyeuristically reading (and judging) the itunes track list on the computer that was set up at the front desk in the new york closet-sized retail space. i have to say...kinda beyond reproach. it looked like a delicious mix of free jazz (brad mehldau) and mostly 90s dance hits. stuff like cece peniston, ace of base, mr. vain, etc. totally awesome. what was LESS awesome, was the fact that fixing the hold button only sometimes works (according to kumar) and would cost me $70 (i would only have to pay if it did work after the repair). the resulting exchange went something like this:

me: "this is BOGUS"
him: "well, you dropped it"
me: "i didn't even drop it from high up. maybe 2 feet. this is bulls**t. i hate apple"
him: "well, apple made a good product and you dropped it, you can't blame apple"
"apple didn't make a good product. they over-saturated the market," i hissed, "THERE'S A DIFFERENCE" and with that, i flounced out of the store. i did it for comedic effect and i did elicit some laughs so it was worth it. but still!

today i'm meeting dr. rei after work for some gabbing and gossiping and post-weekend-spent-apart debriefing. i think i might go to the apple store in the mall and get me a new ipod nano. why does it need to have video? so dumb! so useless! so utterly wasted on my neo-luddite butt! it's the same deal with the iphone. i don't understand why people are going so buck for it. but whatevers, i guess. i just hate spending money on something (keep in mind, my bro got me my last ipod for free as part of a td bank-luring-new-customers offer) for features i'm not ever going to use.

we had a pizza lunch today and i'm stuffed, so i'm not very much inclined to make food tonight. is it ridiculous that something as silly as a pizza lunch at work can make me so unbelievably giddy? it's like hot dog day at public school. the amount of excitement and thrill-of-the-new that can be engendered by a limp, steamed hot dog in an over-yielding bun with not-for-resale micro bags of stale, expired, plain chips and a can of pop, if properly harnessed, could probably solve our looming energy crisis.



K said...

Very fancy and much easier to read. My eyes commend/thank you.

steph said...

I love the toast running so much!!! Nice makeover madam!

kitsch:in:sync said...

designed obsolescence! the free market! jan wong!