Friday, July 25, 2008

creeping gentrification

admittedly, my neighbourhood has no recourse against allegations of upward mobility. i live smack dab in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in toronto (according to the frothing superlatives heaped upon leslieville and riverdale by the monthly handbook of urbanity, "toronto life"). there are well-tended parks, the largest and most well-established organic grocery, a store that sells nothing but dreamcatchers and mandalas and chunks of amethyst and quartz, thriving independent businesses, resistance to power plants but ignorant open-armed welcomes to starbucks and their "third space" ilk. there are street parties and bicycle parades and our own organic farmer's market and yoga aplenty (even a pilates studio!).

but one of the surest signs that your neighbourhood is movin' on up with nary an acknowledgment of your growing inability to ever afford property there, is the establishment of an organic butcher (NOT the mennonites...they don't count). this butcher takes a page from the cumbrae's book of meat purveying. spotless counters, not a whiff of ferrous blood or feral nature or sharp barn to sully the gleaming, subway tiled interiors, and (most importantly) exorbitant prices. riverdale is now home to blackstone organic meats. btw, i didn't take these pictures. they're borrowed with gratitude from the blogto site. my friend I and her new bf M are visiting from montreal this weekend (she's the roomie's nearest and dearest and i went to undergrad with her and lived with her for two years). i've been hankering to do a tandoori turkey breast for the last little while (you know how it goes. you always inexplicably have those hankerings to tandoori up a turkey mammary, right? right?) the mennonites don't have turkey breasts this time of year, so i'm making my first foray into blackstone. actually, that's not true. i went in once when they first opened on a recon mission to look down my nose in derision at the over-priced offerings and then turn my nose up and flounce out.

tonight i'm making banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for this shower/bachelorette i'm attending tomorrow and marinating said turkey breast in a blend of yoghurt and spices. then i'm having dinner at el sol with dr. rei, bwong, the dotytron, the roomie, and maybe the roomie's new male companion, M (they're just friends). i'm pretty sure i'm going to have the tacos dorados with chorizo. but i've been craving tostadas lately so maybe i'll go splitsies on an el sol platter for two with the dotytron. and knowing me...i'll probably cough up for their redonkulously expensive (and disproportionately tiny!) guacamole. it's NINE DOLLARS. for an ice cream scoop sized ball!


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