Thursday, July 17, 2008

consumerism trumps all

instead of going to the yoga class that i love, the one that helps me recalibrate and unwind and uncrimp and settle into my body, i'm here babysitting the f5 and keeping a hawkish eye on the status of my ebay auction. terrible. somewhere, a buddha-in-training is being distracted by the clatter of my rampant greed from hearing the sound of one hand clapping. oops. i can't help it! i need an outfit for an upcoming social engagement and i've found the perfect one on the infinite closet that is ebay.

besides, it's P's last night in town. tomorrow she's leaving at the crack of dawn to go to a wedding in pittsburgh. so i thought it better to shuffle around at home and spend time with her, since we won't be seeing her again til american thanksgiving. being at home is allowing me to get some admin stuff done. waxing, re-doing my toenails, menu-planning, adobe photoshop cracking (errr...just kidding big brother!), knitting, podcast listening, etc.

dinner tonight was a quick and breezy affair. panini of goat's cheese, olive tapenade, roasted red peppers, and basil on ace bakery focaccia. sided with a cool, creamy, and crisp salad of sliced, seeded cucumbers, sliced heirloom radishes (i love love love the clear hue of the purple-skinned ones), bulgarian feta, and a lemon, white wine vinegar and dill dressing. it was lovely. i could eat mountains of that salad.

this weekend is feeling very full already. tomorrow night i think i'm going to take it easy. come home, make a nice dinner, maybe bake a blueberry pie (mark my words: summertime is pie time), jar the strawberry-fig jam i cooked up last weekend, knit, wait for the dotytron to come home from teaching guitar up in richmond hill. saturday i have plans to hit the driving range with dr. rei and then cool off from our exertions by hitting the pool and terrorizing the minds and loins of the teenage boys there in our skimpy bathing attire. saturday night is a birthday party for my friend H's partner (and baby daddy) J. i'm in charge of making the birthday cake (i volunteered). it's vay-gan, as they say around my work. i have a semi-decent recipe i'm working with and i'm hoping that sugar will hide any animal-byproduct-shortage-induced shortcomings. sunday we're resting again and having some of the dotytron's friends over for a smoked ribs bbq and then seeing "the dark knight" on the imax. see? full but FUN.


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