Thursday, July 24, 2008

and another thing!

okay, here's another reason why talking to that dude from undergrad that i re-met on saturday night (anarchist university press editor dude, C) was awkward. he would ask me stuff like, "so do you still dj?" which is a fine enough question, i guess. and then he asked me if i still threw parties. again, fine...that i can deal with. so i told him no...but because he doesn't GO to parties or know ANYTHING about dance music in general and toronto specifically, it makes everything that much harder to explain.

at one point, he was like, "so, what kind of music are you listening to right now?" which is a totally innocuous question in and of itself, although bound to elicit the kind of tortured, fraught agonizing that the infamous "top 3 ___ [insert cultural product here] for a desert island" family of questions always seems to bring to the fore. what makes it less innocuous is that by all accounts, he doesn't LISTEN TO MUSIC. or KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC. which is fine! i'm totally okay with that. i mean, you don't have to be the walking encyclopedia or share the complete same tastes as me...but you kind of have to be INTO it in some small capacity (even if your thing is ugandan afro-beat/death metal made in concert with rare elephant breeds), otherwise, there is no way in HELL that i can explain it to you. which is kind of annoying. but what makes it even more annoying, is that my inability to explain, predicated on the lack of shared understanding and cultural signifiers, makes ME look like an idiot! i didn't even know where to do you condense the last 5 years of your musical history into something for someone else?

i always liken it to this story that dr. rei tells of this one time she got cornered at a party by some dude who was looking to woo her and chose the ill-fated tactic of broaching the question: "so, just who are the members of wu-tang anyway?" *tugs at collar* YIKES. seriously buddy? you're going to make someone rhyme that off? aren't some things better left to the strategy of nodding sagely and then looking it up on the internet the moment you're near a high-speed connection? i certainly think so. i mean, there's no shame in pleading ignorance to stuff...but asking questions like that and the one my poor anarchist friend did above is like tattooing "n00b" on your forehead (or worse, getting a calvin and hobbes/tribal/tweety bird/chinese character/dolphin/barbed wire tattoo).

i've been obsessed with this song lately:

and the allman brothers' "whipping post":

i made myself an on-the-go mix on my ipod for when i go running. it's a bit of an odd duck. it's got the above two tunes, pet shop boys "always on my mind," the cure's "just like heaven," the band's "the night they drove old dixie down," m.i.a.'s "paper planes," kanye's "golddigger," and other odds and sods. heh. even dusty springfield's "you don't have to say you love me," which most reasonable people would agree isn't a running tune, per se.

tonight for dinner i made this salmon sashimi dish. sliced wild salmon, tossed in a citrus soy vinaigrette, and then drizzled with a mixture of smoking hot sesame and canola oil, and finished with a scattering of toasted sesame seeds.

alongside i made a soba noodle salad with broccoli, wilted baby spinach, avocado, radish, red onion, and cooked coins of baby zucchini, also dressed in a honey-soy vinaigrette with more sesame seeds. delicious!

now i'm off to yoga.



Anonymous said...

When did your musical taste improve?

Big Sis

PS - my summer 2008 songs are the new Menudo song and Chris Brown's "Forever." And the NKOTB song.

dr.rei said...

i love both of you!!! menudo??? lol!!

also, too true about the n00b buffoonery.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

out of the above 3, the NKOTB one is the best one...and even that isn't all that good. chris brown video features good dancing, ghey lyrics.

guys, remember sean kingsley? where the eff is that guy right now? i could use another "beautiful girls" injection.

Chris said...

which dude from undergrad was this? "LL Cool Chris" as you used to put it?

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

it was TOTALLY "LL cool chris" lol!
i'm the nickname machine.

chris said...

haha, awesome. im impressed i could recall that.