Wednesday, July 16, 2008

almost there...

just a few small things and then i'm done on here. first, i really really really want to change the colours of the top toolbar so that it'll be all matchy matchy with the rest of the colour scheme. then i need a new banner thing (trust me, it pains me to the bone to have that nondescript font up there taking up valuable real estate). then upload my links and i think i'm good. oh, i also want my profile picture to have a border all the way around. i hope that isn't hard. i've taken a look at the html code and it's beyond my skill set at the moment. i also want to hook up all the links for my blog roll, but i'm kind of embarrassed about it to be honest. do people really need to know about all my grandma knitting blogs that i read? or the lame-ass food blogs i stalk?

in shocking news: i ate a summerlicious meal tonight. i know! me, the most staunch and steadfast hater of all that is summer/winter 'licious actually got snookered into going. in all honesty, the girls from work wanted an outing and it made sense. the food was aight. i thought it was pretty decent value for $25. i think summerlicious is a good experience if you're going to the mid-range places. but for restaurants like canoe, bymark, etc? forget it. you're getting dufflet's pastries (if you're lucky) and your food is being made by the most disgruntled, angry, persnickety cooks this side of a retirement home or elementary school. i loathed every minute of 'licious service and i'm so beyond grateful that those days of slapping out two hundred identical plates in a night are behind me. we went to eight wine bar on colborne lane.

for my first course, i got house-cured gravlax with avocado and a corn relish. the gravlax was smooth, if a little bland, but pair anything with crunchy sweet corn and avocado and it's a pretty winning combo.

for my main i got the flatiron steak, which came with baby vegetables (sylph-like carrots and beans), smashed potatoes, and a green peppercorn sauce. it was supposed to come with pork belly, but i couldn't detect any on the plate. the steak was cooked as i ordered it (medium rare), the peppercorn sauce tasted the way peppercorn sauces should, and the portion was pretty generous. overall, i was impressed. i wouldn't necessarily pay non-summerlicious prices for what i got, but what i tasted was well-prepared, if a little boring conceptually.

for dessert i had the banana bread pudding with rum raisin ice cream. this was very tasty. the banana bread was moist, the rum raisin ice cream light on both rum and raisins but fulfilled its obligations as the creamy-cool supporting castmate to the warm, dense, custardy bread pudding. all in all, i can't complain about the meal or the service. the room is quite small and oddly shaped, with high ceilings and a clubby, rosy glow and purposefully dim lighting that frustrates me a little because call me crazy, but i kind of like to see what people (and my food) look like. that over-dark lighting in restaurants always makes me feel like my eyesight is going and that's VERY stressful for someone with hypochondriac tendencies.

now i'm going to try for some before-bed yoga and then a before-bed cool down shower and some before-bed knitting and reading. i tried installing photoshop onto my computer but i don't know where the key generator is which is mildly stressing me out because i want to finish the aforementioned banner and be finished moving into this new iteration of the blog. in other chronicles of frustrating computer business, i let the dotytron bully me into trying to use winamp for my music organizing software instead of itunes (the only reason he could give me is that itunes is "bloated" - i don't know what that means or in what sense and when pressed for details, he just kept repeating how "bloated" it is). well, the downside is that now, neither itunes OR winamp is working and winamp is hella busy from a layout perspective. i really should just go with what i know, but nooooooooo...i had to be swayed by baseless allegations of bloat. all i want to do is subscribe to my first ever podcast. my new thing is that maybe while i'm running at lunch like a rat in a cage (despite all my rage), i should be educating myself through the vehicle of podcast. i was going to start with "this american life" which, from what i understand, all liberal urbanites of a certain age and persuasion should be listening to. i'm not quite sure i'm in that target demographic (something tells me you're also supposed to like the cbc and indiscriminate [read: boring], noodley indie music), but i'm nothing if not fair.

stop laughing. i AM nothing if not fair.


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