Wednesday, June 25, 2008


*pumps fist so many times my shoulder explodes*

guess who's coming to the molson amphitheatre on friday, september 5th???

oh, i don't know...just JOURNEY, HEART and CHEAP TRICK! no big deal! (i'm the least excited about cheap trick). I LOVE HEART. omg!!! my brother was going to see this tour but we thought the closest they were going to get to us was going to be syracuse, ny. i'm so amped!!! i think my sis and outlaw bro are coming. it's going to be so much fun!

in other news: today i won two free passes to a screening of that movie "the wackness" that i was talking about for next wednesday! sweet! it's apparently got a booming old skool hip hop soundtrack. olivia thirlby is in it, and she's totally precious. the only other thing i know is it's about new york teenagers in the early 90s and ben kingsley has mary kate olsen as a girlfriend. intriguing!

we had strawberry milkshakes for dessert last night, the impetus for which was the fact that i scored an entire basket of ontario strawberries at the riverdale farmer's market in what was a heady score. some of them were already on the verge of over-ripe, so those got turned into milkshakes last night, and today i'm eating a bowlful drizzled with some leftover mint-infused whipping cream. the rest of the mint-infused cream got churned up into an all-cream ice cream just now. i decided not to do a french custard base for my ice cream...we'll see how it turns out. i made the cake layers for C's birthday cake (my contribution to the birthday dinner on friday night). i also made banana cupcakes which will be frosted with cream cheese frostingi also washed and hulled all those ontario strawberries AND churned the ice cream. all the baking left only two eggs, which isn't enough for a custard for the proportions of cream that i was using (4 c. or 1 L). besides, i want to save the eggs for dinner tomorrow.

because i've been running around in an increasingly sweltering kitchen for the past 2 hours, i kept dinner simple and cold. i had leftover tabbouleh from last night, along with that chickpea salad. i neglected to mention that i threw in some baby spinach into the chickpea salad. i can't BELIEVE i used to have some weird prejudice against beans in salads. now i'm a total convert with the single-minded, maniacal zeal of a born-again christian. my old supervisor T gave me a portion of her stuffed eggplant, so i cut it in half (half for the dotytron, who has a love for T's victuals that borders on the unseemly) and ate it cold. it's so so so good! the meat is so tender, the eggplant shell is paper-thin, and it's all covered in a spritely, zingy tomato sauce.

now i'm debating whether i should try to get some photo organizing done, or whether i should just relax before heading to my yoga class.

i think relax is the right route.



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karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

omg! HAVE to buy a ticket!!! once you get one, you can totally hang out with us (it's easy to move between sections, etc)...

plus you should meet my bro...i think you two would get along like wildfire.