Saturday, June 14, 2008

truth hurts

last night was fun, with some middling turns of events thrown in. the company at sushi inn was good, but overall, i thought the food was pretty over-priced and terrible, even for your standard, chinese-operated sushi place. my tempura was leaden and came to the table COLD, the sashimi was sliced really thin, my salmon teriyaki was also stone-cold, and the salad dressing on the de rigeur iceberg lettuce salad was a barely flavoured kewpie mayonnaise atrocity (and i LOVE japanese kewpie mayonnaise - on tonkatsu). blech. it just seemed ultra annoying because the place was rammed because it's in yorkville - aka the home of the mis-informed and over-paid. the fact that people buy into the aura of yorkville annoys me beyond all what? so you can eat overprice and poorly executed pan-italian food at sassafraz or sotto sotto? it always reminds me of this girl i worked with at this golf course during university who i went to high school with. she was dating this older (30ish, we were 21 at the time) real estate agent and she was talking about how she couldn't hang out with her old (presumably less sophisticated) high school friends anymore, because: "leslie and i are into doing different things...we like to have a glass of red wine at jack astor' know" that basically sums up yorkville to a T.

anyway, the japanese animation series was really good...there were definitely some artistic flights taken. some of the shorts were better than others, with the last one, "franz kafka as a country doctor" by far being the worst because it committed the cardinal sin of being completely incomprehensible AND long. duration and narrative logistics can only work in diametrically opposed symbiosis. when you throw that delicate balance off, you have an interminable navel-gazing ego-fest.

the music video series wasn't very well curated this year. all the entries were from english-language bands, whereas last year featured some entries from other countries. also, did we really need TWO entries from the new pornographers? i certainly don't think so...especially when the videos WEREN'T THAT GOOD, aesthetically or conceptually. i finally heard a vampire weekend song. teh suxz0rz. ditto for goldfrapp, hot chip, and all these other new acts idiots everywhere are going apes**t for. i don't mind the can-con, but i think the video should be visually interesting or funny. entries by the arcade fire were so blatantly indie in their aesthetic and execution that it felt like i'd already seen them a million times before. these videos seemed to be chosen because the curators like the songs, the fact that they were canadian, or were friends with the directors, instead of electing to put together a showcase of really innovative and entertaining videos for the viewers.

ruffneck was a bit of a disappointment. maybe he sold all his good records? he didn't play anything that i haven't heard a million times, and he erred on the side of late 94/95 old skool instead of the 93-94 business my heart truly belongs too. we also saw too many people we knew. overall, that's fine, but there's this one dude who's insufferable. he's always wasted, can't carry a conversation to save his life, mauls at you with his hands, presses his slimy cheek against yours and then covers every exposed surface of your body with a fine spray of beer and vodka-infused spittle. it's DISGUSTING. i physically recoil but he doesn't get the hint. he's been kicked out of 3 apartments for noise violations and had to sell the condo he owned. so yikes. we hung out with him ages and ages ago, and even then, intermittently at best. but every time we see him at a party he talks about how we have to "rebuild something alekrjle394dl;ai" and "you guys should come over, we should hang out again" or "loose cannons canada nazi state" (seriously...he makes NO SENSE). i couldn't deal with the charade anymore so last night when he went on that tip, i smiled, and said to him, "sorry K, but you party too hard for us" and then he started denying it, so i said to him, "dude, you're an alcoholic, it's too crazy for us" and then he got all offended and said that if i wanted to "build up walls and kick him in the head" while he's down, then go ahead. first of all, he's "down" because the government seized control of his bank account (according to him) because he hasn't paid taxes in 3 years or something. second of all, i kind of believe that only an alcoholic would get offended if you told them you thought they were an alcoholic. people who AREN'T alcoholics would tell you to shut up and laugh it off.

anyway, i just got sick of everyone around this poor schmoe using his place for afterparties and making threads on the internet about how it's sooooo funny how out of hand this dude gets and how no one can understand a word he says and no one will tell him that he drinks too much. it's weird and gross. also, i didn't want to pretend anymore and go through the lie of, "oh yeah, for sure, we'll hang out soon" when that CLEARLY isn't the case. and the least i felt i could offer was to tell him that the reason we don't hang out is because he parties too much and in a way that we're not into so much.

i'm feeling pretty good for getting home at 3am and waking up at 8:30. i'm going to meet my friend D and hit the yarn store and try to find a button for this dress i want to wear to my friends' wedding. i haven't seen her in a while and i'm looking forward to it. then i'm going to come home, maybe make a batch of jam, maybe make a batch of chipotle bbq sauce, knit, relax, and make the house as comfortable as possible so that the dotytron can just come in and take a load off after work today.

for dinner i think i'm gong to grill some chorizo, and serve that with blanched asparagus with some romesco. i'm also going to par boil some boiling potatoes and then fry them up in a little pork fat so they get all crusty on the outsides. i don't know what to make for dessert. i feel we should have dessert tonight. i'm making sour cream banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for the dotytron's kids for their last class of the school year...maybe there'll be extras of that. i want something kind of cold and mousse-y...maybe a panna cotta? maybe a strawberry mousse pie? but that's too much dessert for just the two of assured, i'll figure SOMETHING out.



dr. rei said...

LOL x a billion

kitsch:in:sync said...

"i'm going to meet my friend D and hit the yarn store"

can i have this on a t-shirt please?

dr said...

still LOLing at have a way with words little buddy. what did i call you on friday again? roy orbison crossed with the chinese veronica mars? lol