Tuesday, June 24, 2008

today's post

in which karl lagerfeld, esquire recants my previous position on white-fleshed nectarines and peaches. i used to think they were too sickly sweet and insipid, lacking the natural acidity that gives dimension to fruit and keeps it from being a one-note, cloying, sugar-bomb. the dotytron brought home some white fleshed nectarines from california and i was all ready to lay into him, but after letting them ripen over the weekend in the fruit bowl, i'm a convert. i ate one yesterday and one today and my tastebuds are salivating for more. they have a very subtle perfume, a seductive, saccharine floral note, and the taste is divine. they're juicy, rich, succulent, and highly addictive. i think breeding a little more acidity into the fruit would still be nice, as the flavour profile as it stands is pretty round and one-dimensional, but the dimension is pretty damn tasty and they're great for eating out of hand.

in other news: i ran 4.36 km today at lunch (that's 2.7114 miles for my neighbours to the south). that's a record!!! i've never run that far continuously! now if only my stupid ipod wouldn't be so stupidly busted. it's "frozen" or "locked" and i don't know how to unlock it. basically, it won't turn on. when i plug it into the computer to charge, it does stuff, but as soon as i unplug it, it's in stasis and won't do anything. i went onto the apple site and tried to troubleshoot. they say you have to "reset" the ipod by pushing down the select button and the play button. i've done it a bunch of times but nothing happens. i'm pissed! running is way better when you have tunes. gah! what am i going to do?!??? i'm going to take it into the apple store and see what they can do...i don't want to get a new one (i mean, this one was free, so i don't want to pay for one). also, in the interests of accuracy, when i say "run" i really mean "a slow jog/canter (at best)".

that's last night's dinner pictured up above there. tonight for dinner i made a simple grilled salmon with tabbouleh (reconstituted bulghur with lots of parsley, lemon, garlic, chopped cucumber, red onion, salt and pepper) and the salad i meant to make last night but neglected to (endive, radicchio, more lemon, canned chickpeas, chili oil, salt and pepper). this constant rain is putting a damper on the bbqing, but i can't in all honesty complain because we haven't had to turn on the air conditioning more than once, the garden is going insane-o, and it's nice and cool all the time and refreshing. i broke down and got a pair of rubber boots. they're all femme-y, city-woman-cutesy in right now, but practicality with me will always win out. having dry feet is the difference between a tolerable day that you can WIN, and a day where you're losing from the get-go. and if there's one thing i hate, it's losing.

can you believe it's almost july? i can't! the nights are running away from me at an exponential rate. by the time i get home and make dinner and ready myself for the next day, there's barely any time to read, knit, do yoga, let alone all the fiddly small house stuff i want to get done. the dotytron d/l'd "apocalyptico" but i made him stop watching it because i was supremely uninterested in seeing mel gibson wallow in a self-involved exercise in gratuitous violence. what a catholic freakazoid. dude, instead of making boring movies in ancient languages, whatever happened to some good, old fashioned, self-flagellation to get your sadomasochistic tendencies out, huh?

i've put a temporary hold on comics reading to do some quilting research and catch up on my food magazines (speaking of which: my pile of torn-out recipes sitting in the corner begging to be inserted into plastic sheet protectors and catalogued in my binders is kind of weighing on me). it (the quilting research, that is) is TREMENDOUSLY exciting. and i mean, it's not THAT hard to figure out, although it's probably going to tax my admittedly meagre spatial relations skills. you basically cut out pieces of fabric and make them slightly larger all around to allow for seaming. i've gone a *little* crazy buying cute fabrics on etsy, but i can't help it! i think my first quilt with be all cool browns and cucumber greens with small shots of orange and red. a bunch of my quilting books spend a lot of time talking about colour theory, but i kind of think i'm a-ok on that front. putting colours together is one thing i think i'm naturally good at. you should have seen how pained i was last week when my top didn't go with my pants...i wanted to go home and change...i was abject with misery over it all. anyway, i'm comforting myself and my credit card with the knowledge of this pay-grade boost, and the fact that i'm getting a retroactive lump sum adjustment in a couple of paychecks. that should smooth things over nicely.

i can't wait for the weekend! although this weekend has been eaten up with family obligations that i'm none-too-keen on and am a conscientious objector to. the dotytron works on weekends (either with lessons, or at his stupid job) and it drives me crazy when a long weekend (or faux long weekend) or even just a simple sunday with a minimum of items on the agenda is wrenched from us. we're going up to pottageville to do a dotytron family picnic. i know, it SOUNDS nice, but i'm irked because it was entirely last-minute, ill-planned, and ill-advised considering the poor health of one of the hosts. i'm sure it'll be alright in the end and i know i'm being cranky and pmsy about it, but i don't like last minute gong-shows, and ESPECIALLY last minute gong shows that involve 2+ hours of driving.

ah well, there's no point being a sour puss about it. 


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