Friday, June 06, 2008


i'm feeling much better. after a very stressful morning at work with a bunch of stuff flying at me interspersed with phone calls to my sis to work something out for the grandparents' hoo-ha...we've figured out a present and we've got the wheels in motion. still more last-minute and seat-of-the-pants than i would have liked, but i'm nothing if not adaptable (really, i am!).

the baconator lunch helped yesterday. i also went to a yoga class. i thought it was a hatha I class, but i ended up in hatha restorative. it was way too weaksauce for me. i don't need to be restored! i need my hips and hamstrings loosened! we didn't get off our backs the whole 1 1/2 hours! and we probably only did like, 5 postures. anyway, that was kind of annoying, but i guess i cleared my head a bit.

this weekend is being spent up at the mothership with the familia and my sis and outlaw bro and the kidlets who i haven't seen since april. boooooooo!!!! they're so big now!!! and my nephew is such a little butterball and he's talking! tonight we're just eating chinese food takeout (i think). tomorrow if the weather is nice we're packing up and heading back downtown to have a lobster dinner. bwong flew out to the east coast and brought back 10 (!!!!!!) 2lb (!!!!!!) live lobsters which i'm going to steam up and serve with my award-winning potato salad, garlic bread, and a cucumber, tomato, red onion chopped salad (nods to dr. rei!). for dessert i made a strawberry rhubarb crisp with brown butter almond-oat streusel. the crisp smells amazing.


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