Thursday, June 26, 2008

just a small town girl...

living in a looonely wooorld....

okay, here's one thing that makes journey so amazing. their new lead singer is this philipino dude named arnel pineda. i know, totally counterintuitive, right? WRONG! he sounds EXACTLY like steve perry. so steve perry apparently just left journey one day and didn't return their calls. so neil schon from journey starts surfing youtube and comes across arnel pineda performing with his cover band zoo and sends him an email and now he's touring with them and recorded on their latest album. soooo amazing.

here's a clip of arnel playing with zoo in the clip that won neil schon's cold, black heart. incidentally, the rest of zoo are only aight (ie. it's no surprise they didn't make the cut)...awwww, poor zoo!!! can you imagine them playing weddings and corporate events with their new, considerably less awesome lead singer???:

guys, seriously...when i listen to this clip, i come close to tears. my family has this thing where we get spontaneous, pop-culture-instigated (or anything we're really excited about...more often than trailers) goosebumps. it's like the time i almost cried talking to dr. rei about the collapse between aggregate and individual data. or when my family watched the "iron man" trailer in december. or any time we watch "the dark knight" trailer (my family also has a long history with batman.) anyway, this cinderella story coupled with arnel's soaring and impassioned vocal delivery conspire to make the fine hairs on my arm stand at attention and bring a sentimental lump to my throat.

here's a youtube clip of him performing with journey in chile:

goosebumps x a billion! you would think all the h-core journey fans would be all skeptical because of his south asian-ness...but no! apparently the messageboards and fansite are welcoming him with, (wait for it) arms.

here's another clip of him winning vh1's "best week ever" (and rightfully so, i might add):

i didn't get around to going to yoga yesterday, so i'm definitely going tonight. and i think i'm going to go for a run, too. i ate a really heavy lunch (2 slices of pizza and 2 banana cupcakes with about an inch of cream cheese frosting slathered on top) so i think i'm going to take it easy for dinner. eating heavy lunches really messes with me because then all i want to do is nap at work.


i ended up eating about 2 L of salad for dinner and i'm feeling fiiiine. i also went to a yoga class. this one was really good...there were some new postures i hadn't done before and a lot of work on opening up the hips. the teacher brought in a tibetan singing bowl which was nice during shivasana. there was a leetle too much talk about bum chakras but i think i have to resign myself to that. i really like my sunday teacher because she keeps the bum chakras to a minimum. this dude was all about, "today we're going to work on our self, with a capital AND a small 's'" call me crazy, but i don't feel i need to work on myself in that kind of spiritual way. maybe i should just inform him that i'm enlightened. i also hate hate HATE doing fast sun salutations (where each movement only lasts a breath). it's so the antithesis of what i want out of yoga (basically, yoga for me is one, giant stretching session). i hate being rushed because i don't think it gives my muscles time to lengthen and unkink. overall, despite the chakra-lecture and the fast sun salutations, this dude was good and i'll go back for a during-the-week fix.

so, this weekend is PRIDE (is PRIDE an acronym? i forget) weekend here in the me and the dotytron boycott PRIDE. not because we have anything against teh gheys. more because i don't like how it's executed and how cliched it is. all nakedness and public buffoonery and crappy dance music. i'm against the execution more than the impetus. i don't like events that turn entire blocks of cities into ancient roman's all so...common and banal. i'm just a fussbudget. anyway, the dotytron and i are having our own mini SHAME celebration instead, featuring lots of together time just chillin' and hangin' and paling around together. the familial obligations on sunday were going to start at 6pm, so we ducked out, as that's awfully late for a sunday when i ostensibly have to work the next day.

tomorrow we're going to my ex bf's girlfriend's mom's house for his birthday get together. i think we're eating ribs. my contribution is the birthday cake. i went all out. it's a doozy. i want it to be a surprise so i won't post pictures...but it's pretty effin' balls-out in that signature, karl lagerfeld, esquire way. i'm pretty proud of it.



Jennifer said...

absolutely COVERED in the bumps of geese.
journey, you touch souls.

dr. rei said...

me too!! what a beautiful voice!!

kitsch:in:sync said...

for me, the opening bars of "don't stop believing" are a sweet, sweet ambrosia that elicit a response in the very depths of my cortex akin to the ascension to the fields of elysia herself. all the collective moments of capricious joys, fleeting loves and wanton euphorias of my life are anthropomorphized for 4 minutes into size 26 stonewashed denim; the duration for which i won't, can't, shan't stop believin'

"hold on to that fee-ee-eelin'!!!"