Thursday, June 19, 2008

in the can!

yes! i finished seaming and weaving in the ends of that baby sweater i've been working on for the past month or so). this one is ear-marked for the friends' of the roomies who had the awkward shower. i'm so far removed from them that she was due a few days ago and i'm not even on the list of people to inform when she does pop the little one out. i don't really know why i make hand-made, time-consuming gifts for people i barely know, but there you have it. the first shot is the sweater blocking. the second and third shots are the finished product. this is the second time i've knit this pattern and i can tell that i've gotten A LOT better. i knit this using dream in colour brand, "smooshy" yarn in the go go grassy colourway, which is a beautiful, clear, pale turquoise, that looks EXACTLY like the freakish colour the caribbean ocean looks in people's vacation pictures. my finishing techniques have also gotten a lot better. you can see in the fourth picture that my seam is almost invisible! unfortunately, the same can't be said for the sleeve. the stitches met up a different way and i don't think i used the proper seaming method. oh well, live and learn, right?

tomorrow evening, we (dotytron, my mater, and myself) are hopping into a rental car and driving down to visit my sis outside of rochester. the impetus for the trip was twofold. first: we love vacationing chez my sister and outlaw bro and niece and nephew, because it's inherently relaxing and filled with nothing but food and sloth. second: medeski martin and wood are playing a free (!) outdoor (!) show at the rochester jazz festival. bliss! so i'm going to spend the weekend doing that. weather permitting, of course...if it's thundershowering, i'd rather hole up at my sis' and watch m-tod. m-tod, for the pitifully uninitiated, is an entire channel DEDICATED TO MOVIE PREVIEWS. *swoon* i think a trip to dinosaur bbq is definitely in order, as i need my fix of biker ribs and brisket.

fun fun fun! now i'm going to pack and knit and try to rouse myself to schlep the 1 block to the library to grab my holds. maybe it can wait til tomorrow. tonight for dinner i made this moroccan influenced's a FANTASTIC 20 minute entree. so easy! i slice up an onion and saute it with garlic. then i add a thinly sliced potato (i use a mandoline, to make slicing easier and the resulting pieces quicker-cooking), a thinly sliced red pepper, and season it with salt and pepper. i add a couple of good squirts of harissa and pile that into a slightly hollowed-out kaiser. the piece de resistance is adding a hard boiled egg, cut into quarters. so so so good! if you're vegan-ly inclined, you could skip the egg and it would still be delicious. i also made another batch of banana cupcakes for the dotytron's class. i'm going to try mightily to resist their siren's call, but it's REALLY hard for me to turn down cupcakes under most ordinary circumstances.


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