Sunday, June 15, 2008


what a glorious summer day we're having in toronto. the temperature is a solid 25, blue sky, blazing sun, the slightest of breezes to keep the air from getting stagnant and suffocating, no humidity. THIS IS WHAT SUMMER IS ABOUT! we just had brunch at the only with the dotytron's pater, mater, and sister. i had huevos rancheros. for the rest of this glorious day, i'm going to spend it sweating inside, courting the swampy meteorological conditions of the florida everglades by cranking my giant canning pot and creating mountains of steam and drippy, humidity inside. all in the name of jarring my strawberry rhubarb jam and chipotle bbq sauce that i made yesterday. fun!

then it's dodgeball, and then the dotytron is going to bike out to meet me post-game and we're going to have a nice dinner together...i'm thinking either mexitaco, or harbord fish'n'chips, or maybe sushi or something...alls i knows is, i want to enjoy a meal outside with my boo, with the sun shining down on us and cold drinks in our hands and tasty food followed by an ice cream chaser. sounds like bliss to me.

we're shooting for an early dinner so we can be home early, go for a walk, and then hunker down with some of the flicks i rented. the dotytron watched "juno" last night, which i've already reviewed. he liked it. i've started a new knitting project and i'm blocking the baby sweater i made for our friends L&I (they had that odd-ball baby shower i went to recently). so when the sun goes down, i'm going to knit the night away, and read one of my new comics i got from the library, and prepare for work...i hope this work week goes by fast...we're vacationing in rochester next weekend!!!!!!!!! i love geneseo vacays. love 'em.


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