Wednesday, June 11, 2008

diamonds diamonds everywhere

well, that was an unexpectedly glam evening (truth be told, i kind of had an inkling that the grandpater and grandmater were going to go whole hog with this soiree). it was more like a wedding reception than your standard, run-of-the-mill "party". 100+ guests were seated at tables in a booked-out chinese restaurant festooned with floral displays and auspicious red bolts of colour shot through with gold lettering heralding to all that this was my grandparents' diamond wedding anniversary. it was a big to-do, replete with corsages for the family members and lots of portraits and a multi-course, mostly seafood dinner that culminated in that rarest of rarities: swallow spit soup (aka "bird's nest soup").

there was a karaoke machine that progressively got louder throughout the night as people got more and more drunk. i'm not big on performing (understatement of the millenium) so i was reluctant to get up and sing, even as my bro and sister went up for a few rounds. even the outlaw bro got up and did his signature tune (frank sinatra's "my way"). at first, we didn't think the dude running the karaoke had more than a single disc's worth of english songs. then we discovered an entire gym bag full. near the end of the evening, i dipped my toe into the waters of toneless and merciless key-induced humiliation and joined in for a rousing rendition of "i want it that way" by the backstreet boys with my siblings. when i had finally screwed up the courage to sing nazareth's "love hurts" (a moment i've been preparing for all my life, really) it was too late, people were leaving, the ship - sailed. it might well be one of the great regrets of my life.

let that be a lesson to you: when a chance to sing "love hurts" presents itself in front of a a drunken, mostly english-as-a-second-language, accepting crowd - DON'T SLEEP ON IT! seize the day! carpe diem!

in other news, we were all dressed up in our finest finery...except for THIS GUY (far left). mini rodney dangerfield over here either didn't get the invite, or somehow crashed this party. let's just say, that within 5 minutes of sitting down, he had already kicked off his mandals. 'nuff said. the little miss, on the other hand, belied her ramona-esque haircut and comported herself with the utmost dignity in her pretty party gown.

tonight for dinner i made a spicy tuna pasta salad with whole wheat pasta, chopped tomatoes, red pepper, scallion, chili oil from my supervisor's jarred chilies, chili paste, jarred italian tuna, parsley, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and a can of pinto beans. it was a nice, soothing, easy summer dinner, ideal for beating the heat. i'd post the picture i just took but my camera and picasa don't seem to get along when it comes to uploading any photo sessions involving video onto the computer. picasa tends to seize up...i'm not sure if it's because we're recording video on a really high-res setting. i should probably look into that.

edit: charged the battery on the camera and everything seems a-ok

i'm going to try to hit a late-night yoga class tonight. i've developed a bit of a summer cold and it's pissing me off. nothing is more aggravating than having a cough and feeling sucky right when you should be at your most languid and relaxed. booo to that s**t. tomorrow is the first set of short films in the worldwide short film festival. i'm seeing a double-header called "genius party" and "genius party 2" which is focused around short animated films from a world-renown japanese animation studio (responsible for the "animatrix" and others). i'm going with my friends A&C, and i'm terribly excited as i haven't seen those two in a dog's age. AND i'm going to have dinner with C at tacos el asador. el salvadorean food chased with a bunch of short clips featuring big-eyed, big-haired, sylphs screaming "tatsuyaaaaaaa!!!" in a dream-like, incomprehensible narrative? that's a near-perfect evening if ever i've heard of one.

i'm especially partial to the world wide short film festival because it's one of the first things that the dotytron and i made a tradition of when we first started consorting with each other, and it always reminds me of summer in toronto and living here on my own.


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