Monday, June 02, 2008


i don't know if my life is busier now after being done school or what. i can't decide. it seems like i have even less time than i did before. it's 9:30pm, and we (house-family we) still have to go for our nightly constitutional around the neighbourhood, i'd like to do some yoga, some knitting, and read a few chapters of the driver's handbook. yeah, that's right. after a 12 year hiatus, i'm going back for that ever-elusive G license. i think i'm ready. here's the thing i keep getting hung up on though: when four people pull up to a 4-way stop sign, the "person to the right of you" is supposed to go first, right? THE FOUR WAY STOP SIGN IS BASICALLY A CIRCLE. EVERYONE IN THAT CIRCLE IS "TO THE RIGHT" OF THE OTHER PERSON. even when there's two people who show up at the same time, if you continue around the circle, you're still to the right of the other person. for some reason, i can't shake that and wrap my head around it. it bigtime messes with my head and my understanding of the world.

dinner with A & J on saturday was predictably and routinely as fun and awesome and hilarious as always. in the words of my niece, "oh yeah. i love those guys." this is the dessert that apparently blew J's mind. it's a rhubarb tart with a hazelnut brown butter streusel. it was pretty tasty, but only because brown butter anything is like crack and/or cocaine. this all went down after i went to the roomie's friends' baby shower. i know the friends fairly well, we've had them over for dinner once, and i've hung out with them like, 5 times. it was a little awkward and small talky, but i don't think there's a way that that could have been avoided. the space was REALLY large and the group was fairly small, which facilitated segmenting off. also, because they were such a disparate group, it was a lot of people with very little in common, so it was a lot of quiet, polite chitchat...aka, my nemesis. i never thought i would have said this, but i would have KILLED for some shower games...and i HATE shower games (all kinds of showers: baby, wedding, newly-released-from-prison, etc.)

sunday we picked up the dotytron's new suit (black) and then showed up to play dodgeball only to find that the other team didn't that was kind of a bust. but then we went with some members of my team to korean bbq and dr. rei and bwong came and that was hilarious, if only because it gave dr. rei the forum she so desperately craves to rhapsodize about how much she loves bone thugs -n- harmony.

this is a scarf i knit for my friend in b.c., T. i knit another one of these for myself over the christmas break, but i made mine longer than the pattern suggested. this one i knit to size, and i like it a lot better. it looks a lot neater as a tight, snug, little neckwarmer, so i'm going to frog the other one and reassemble it. i lost my desire to knit for a while, but i've got it back now, and i'm hustling like a mofo getting a baby sweater done so that i can start on my next project.

tonight for dinner i made twice-cooked tandoori chicken wings. i baked them in a yoghurt marinade first, and then grilled them. this served a few purposes, not the least of which was ensuring that the fat from the chicken wings mostly rendered out in the baking process, thereby reducing flareups on the grill. chicken wings are NOTORIOUS for courting the most vicious and char-inducing of flareups. i made a grilled eggplant salad with roasted garlic oil, lemon juice, parsley, mint, and the roasted garlic-oil soaked eggplant (the key to good eggplant is LOTS OF OIL). i also made grilled asparagus, and my attempt at persian rice. i followed dr. rei's instructions but i think the timing and my base rice was off. i boiled it for 10 minutes, but by that point, it was already pretty much cooked. next time, i'm going to boil it for just a couple, if at all, or switch my brand of rice. i also burnt the tah dig (the crusty layer on the bottom), but that showed mad promise. the best thing about the rice was the caramelized onions, toasted almonds, and butter-sauteed raisins. i'm sold on raisins in savoury rice preparations. sold! all in all, i know what i did wrong, and i know how to make it better for next time. so i'm not persian, what can i say?

we met our new upstairs neighbours. they seems really nice and friendly and cute. i'm glad. they're very solicitous and it appears that they're amenable to being bullied by me in all things temperature derived. heehee! score one for lagerfeld's bid to single-handedly reverse global warming!



dr. rei said...

it's so true about the bone thugs thing! oh you know me so well...sigh

steph said...

OMG, I got to try a bit of that rhubarb dessert at the Schmidt residence, and it BLEW MY MIND!!! Best thing to come home to by far.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

steph!!! come and visit!!!