Friday, May 16, 2008


why don't tv shows have original theme songs anymore? one night in florence, we (three little bear-pigs and dr. rei's cousin, S) made our way down from piazzale michelangelo to trattoria da ruggero, a note-perfect neighbourhood trattoria down the street from dr. rei's aunt and uncle's house, a solid 3.3 km walk that we undertook in the rapidly encroaching dusk, after having spent a good chunk of the day traipsing up to the church of san miniato (i think) and then walking into town. our trip to italy can basically be summed up thus: walk, regroup 10 billion times (regrouping involved us forgetting what street we were looking for/supposed to be on, crowding onto whatever nearest stoop didn't smell like feces, pulling out dr. rei's increasingly fragile and tattered map [handled all the more gingerly because it was impregnated with sentimental value for her], and trying to find out way again), eat something, walk some more, talk smack about old stuff and how italy is a hollow shell.

the walk also came on the heels of us standing at the top of the piazzale while the sun set (for a good hour and a half), in the first of many victories the dotytron won over me in the endless battle of the time-lapse. our new camera comes with time-lapse technology, so OF COURSE the dotytron wants to time-lapse everything under the sun, and OF COURSE because i'm a worry-wort mcgee and i live in constant fear of an undocumented moment (usually food-related) due to batteries being sucked dry by energy-intensive time-lapse settings. the arguments are consistent, but short lived. they invariably go something like this:

dotytron: "and now, for the time-lapse!"

me: "nooooooooooooooooooo!"

dotytron: "c'maaaaan"

me *sigh of long-suffering exasperation*: "fine."

i cave pretty easy, but for some reason, i can't forgo the initial attempts to stamp out time-lapse enthusiasm. anyway, we were pretty tired by the end of the day, and i was a little anxious about making it to our reso in time...on our way down the winding road we entertained ourselves by singing tv sitcom themes. they don't make them like they used to. there are few songs as heart-felt and rousing as the "growing pains" theme. or with sentiments as dependent on a needlessly complicated hypothetical scenario as the "golden girls" theme (example: "and IF you threw a party/ invited everyone you knew/ you would see, the biggest gift would be from me/ and the card attached would say/ thank you for being a friend") . we did the "family ties" theme, "fresh prince of bel-air" theme, what we could remember from "perfect strangers," "who's the boss?" and "full house." i think my favorite is still "growing pains." we also did a four-part harmony, orchestrated by the dotytron of the "subway, eat fresh" jingle. if i can post the audio somewhere, i'll try to find it and do it. i did pretty good...i'm not quite as tone-deaf as i thought i was (or as the dotytron tries to malign me to be.)

i revamped tonight's menu and changed the dessert...we're having bittersweet chocolate pot de cremes with some biscottis i brought back from florence. i'll post pics tomorrow.

long weekend!!!!!


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