Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i treated myself to a massage today, courtesy of the best massager in toronto, so now i'm as limpid and droopy as a dew-filled buttercup. she went to town on my back and butt and calves...got right into those knotted ropes with her elbows and elicited no small number of spastic twitches as she tenderized my flesh. it was lovely. the only problem is that i really really really want to be friends with her but she insists on maintaining the professional nature of our relationship...even though she sent me on my way with a lovely cupcake. she's so cool! and we're basically the same person! type A, food obsessed, organized, addicted to the same tv...it breaks my heart we can't be friends.

i'm experimenting with the closeup feature on the new camera. i don't get most food bloggers and the slavering sycophants they attract. most of the food is pretty standard, just gussied up with photoshop or slr-ing or extreme closeups. last night's dinner is first, featuring these thin links of veal sausage the italian butchers up the street from me make. it was delicious...the veal sausage packed a surprisingly old-beef-like wallop of meaty substance.

it's completely vegan-friendly (the coworker is a vegan, which my old supervisor endearingly pronounces "VAY-gan").

we had a visit from the vet tonight. after the debacle that was last year (time-line it - basically smudge was a rudebwoy and tore the vet's office apart), i decided to revert back to having a vet that does house calls. our old mobile vet no longer does visits to toronto, which is a crying shame, because we ADORED her. she was chummy and great with cats and loved cooking and would actually remember stuff about our lives and our cats. this new lady who showed up was kind of shadesball. she wouldn't take a cheque (cash only!) and charges an $85 fee just to show up to your house, IN ADDITION to the exam costs. she was also pretty brusque and cursory. i wasn't a fan. i'm going to keep shopping around. the good news is that she confirmed my worst fears that the clinic i took smudge to last year was trying to hose me to get his teeth cleaned. she said his teeth were actually fine. humph. i hate it when people try to hose me.

tonight's dinner was a quickie job - oven roasted asparagus with toasted and buttered ace bakery whole wheat baguette with poached eggs and shaved pecorino. i put the boar sausage (smuggled from ital-towns) onto the plate because i thought i might want it, but didn't end up eating it in the end.

now i'm going to take a quickie hot shower to leech out some of the lactic acid released by the manipulations of my masseuse. here are some shots of the garden to keep you occupied. you can also espy the jerry-rigged trellis i've made out of sisal, and old ladder, and bamboo stakes. it's to support our sweet peas.
something tells me it's not going to work as i did a half assed job at best. what the hell do i know about making stuff for other stuff to climb on? huh? i'll tell you what: absolutely jacks**t. i'm going to spend the rest of the evening (what's left of it - where does the time go?!?) reading on the couch to the lulling ambiance of street noises. i love the sounds of traffic and city noises...i find it really soothing. the eerie stillness of the country would really eff with my ability to sleep if the fresh air didn't knock me out first.


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