Saturday, May 24, 2008

lawd a mercy

yesterday was fun...the lecture was invigorating, semi-inspiring, and thought provoking, although i was a trifle disappointed with how uncool bruno latour looked. very uncool. like, mint-olive green suit uncool. why can't theorists and philosophers look like foucault anymore? even derrida looked effortlessly french in that documentary about him, all sweaters with collared shirts underneath. i scribbled down notes on the only paper i had on me (this week's issue of eye weekly), so i'll have to comb through them and do some deciphering before i recapitulate his talk for you, my devoted readers.

then i met up with my moms and littlest bro for dinner, where we talked frankly and openly and sampled widely from torito's never-changing menu. i like the consistency...but please! wouldn't you, as a chef, want to throw a new special or something on there...just once? it was very tasty though and everything is well prepared and the price is right, so my complaints are churlish at best.

bwong showed up and we went to thymeless. the first dj (who played for the bulk of the time we were there) BLEW. random, haphazard track selection and deplorable mixing skills for even a reggae dj. the problem was he would try to prolong the misery instead of mercifully anaesthetizing the boots-in-the-dryer with a well-time cut to the new tune. at that point, we were nearing the end of our ropes (i had been up and about since 7am), but the last few tunes got us up our of our (grungy) seats and onto the dancefloor, and marcus showed up and laid down the business. it was like a "best of" ragga jungle in reggae/dancehall form and it was awesome to hear the blessed sounds of someone who knows what they're doing behind the decks. it was also awesome seeing bwong get down. hands in the air, getting low, it was nice to dance for a change. we called it a night fairly early and headed home.

i've already done a few errands already today (one of which ended up with me buying an extremely discounted, wine-coloured, flirty betsey johnson party dress for my grandparent's diamond anniversary party). can i help it if betsey johnson makes the most beguiling party dresses a girl's heart could pine for? it was over 60% off!!! now i'm off to futz around the garden before coming back in and preparing dinner for our friends H & J and their baby D, and friend M who is also coming over. fun!!!!!

i'm making that black bean chili with those corn cakes that's my go-to vegan meal. for dessert, i'm making crispy, deep-fried wontons filled with a vanilla-infused sauteed pineapple mixture, tossed in pistachio sugar. should be tasty! i'm pumped!


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