Thursday, May 29, 2008

the kind of friends you want to have around

are the kind that will drive back cupcakes from a noted bakery in milton, so that you can share a cupcake degustation. my food-obsessed friend J, who i know because we're similarly gastronomically inclined and post on the same rave and rave-remnant themed messageboard, called me out of the blue and stopped by with cupcakes from flourgirls, a noted bakery (he heard of them through chowhound) in milton, of all places. unlike what passes for cupcakes at the cupcake shoppe at yonge and eglinton, flourgirls uses real (cooked) buttercream and taste of fresh ingredients and quality flour and butter.

first, we had b.c. spot prawns that i cooked up in some bacon fat, beer, my old supervisor's chilies, chili flakes, and lots of garlic...with crusty ace baguette for mopping. the bacon that produced the rendered fat was crisped and put into a salad of red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados, held together with my caesar dressing.

then we got into cupcakes. there were vanilla and chocolate cake based ones, with different flavours of buttercream...banana, dulce de leche, chocolate, vanilla, maple. they were delicious. the buttercream was rich and moussey and velvety soft and smooth with subtle flavour. the cake had a nice fine crumb and maintained its' moisture nicely. all in all, they were delicious. side by side, those ARE the best cupcakes i've had in the GTA...except for babycake cupcakes' red velvet, which is extraordinary because they HAVE red velvet flavour and a decent cream cheese frosting. if babycake cupcakes didn't have that going for it, they'd be toast. we did a round robin tasting, cutting each cupcake into three (i saved a third of each one for the dotytron) and taking a bite out of each one, going around the circle twice. it was a good thing we did. the first time, we couldn't taste the banana flavour in the chocolate banana one...the second time around, compared to the chocolate flavour of the previous cupcake, the banana buttercream shined through.

i feel like a chubby chicken again, but that's probably because i'm all pmsy (like clockwork). tomorrow we're getting the dotytron's suit fitted for the last time, picking up a new shirt and tie, possibly, then having dinner at my ex bf's (who has moved/mooched his way into his gf's place) for dinner and then going to see "indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull" *cue john williams*. dr. rei and bwong are coming too! my offering is a strawberry rhubarb lattice pie...and i'll probably grab some vanilla ice cream to go with.

it's so late already! tonight i'm waiting for the dotytron to come home from work and then we're going to smush into bed and watch back to back episodes of "top chef: chicago" top chef is pissing me off this season because they're OBVIOUSLY trying to make a girl win. which is fine. there have been EXTREMELY talented women in previous seasons of the show. this season, not so much. but they keep manipulating stuff to make it happen and it's making me bonkers. the calibre of the cooks this season aren't as high...there were two that stood out from the get go (dale and blais) who are really talented, but the show keeps focusing on the women, who most assuredly are mediocre at best. it's frustrating when you can see the strings being pulled so blatantly. i'm very unimpressed. actually, maybe i'm unimpressed enough to go to bravo tv and post on the messageboards about the show there. and this year, so many of the cooks came from restaurants i'd never heard of (last season, "top chef miami" featured chefs that had worked at guy savoy in las vegas and there were exec chefs of a lot of name places)...this season, they're pulling people from san francisco and there are a lot of TERRIBLE cooks who stuck around for a hella long time, because there WERE so many bad cooks. i'm VERY unimpressed with the show this season. it's bogus. let a woman win on her own merit!




kitsch:in:sync said...

i also have a theory that they try to keep a "villain" for the finale which makes me think that we might have to put up with the arms-crossed gorgon and her cries of "bloody murder/sabotage" til the very end

kitsch:in:sync said...

also see: hung
also see: marcel

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

what's with antonia's accusations about dale "always cooking asian"? you know what, antonia? i could just as easily say, "all antonia knows how to do is cook mom food" what's next? a f**king stuffed chicken breast with tater tots?

obviously blais should win but they're giving it to curly sue. who sucks! what the hell are they talking about, that stephanie showed them stuff they haven't seen before. like what? a agrodolce sauce with RAISINS? CRISPY SWEETBREADS?!???? this season makes me want to hurt someone.

futronic said...

Glad you enjoyed the cupcakes! :) They were all kinds of awesomeness! I knew if there was one person that would enjoy them, it would be you! Thanks again for the lardo - I'll be putting together a spread this weekend.