Friday, May 30, 2008

i should really know better

by now. i'm an old broad. i've been around a few blocks in my day. WHY DO I STILL EXPECT GEORGE LUCAS AND EL SPIELBERGO TO PRODUCE ANYTHING WORTH WATCHING?!???!! "indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull" is boring to the max. like, i fell asleep and had to wake up and whisper to the dotytron, "where are they?" boring. like, totally brutal, not funny, snoozefest 2010. crappy cgi, stuff that doesn't make sense, stilted dialogue and well-worn, tired, attempts at humour. i hate george lucas. i've been a pretty vociferous spielbergo hater in the past, but last night's waste of $11 and change was the final nail in the coffin.

it was kind of worth it to go to a theatre last night to see young girls everywhere succumbing to the marketing zeitgeist and going apes**t for the "sex and the city" movie. i'm talking like multiple lineups, the washroom packed with girls who were practically teething when the series first started with makeup kits the size of tackle boxes getting done up and creating a screeching, keening cacophony - the air in the varsity theatre last night practically oscillated with pubescent hormones and muddled ideas of femininity. seriously. it was like aritizia barfed all over toronto. hoardes of young girls dressing like a reasonable hand-drawn fascimile of what life in your 30s is *supposed* to be like, minus the styling of patricia field. i saw multiple infractions. crimes against the following:

- bubble skirts
- footless tights
- ballet flats
- too much makeup
- tunics

it makes my staunch feminist heart die a little inside.

anyway, in other news (weird and possibly contradictory topic change alert) the BEST new store opened up on the danforth for clothes. THE BEST! everything is so well-edited and has the sweetest, softest, girlish but modern patterns and lines. it's like it was made for me. dresses with hippie-ish yoking and reigned-in tent shapes, shirt dresses, everything in the softest cotton and t-shirt material, patterned skirts in jewel tones. love!!!!!

in other other news, dinner last night was tasty. C made us zucchini fritters served with sour cream, and broiled eggplant steaks topped with a mix of black olive, chickpeas, feta, roasted pepper, in this balsamic/soy/olive oil sauce. it was really tasty.

i'm feeling pangs of remorse from last night because of poor social behaviour. me, bwong, dr. rei and to a lesser extent the dotytron, engaged in some poor manners by being too hamcamp klik-y and not inclusive enough and i feel badly. granted, we share a different sensibility and frame of reference from our hosts, but i felt like we could have been a little more sensitive. especially because he female portion of that couple comes from a very different background (not like, she's from another country or something, but more like she didn't grow up listening to jungle etc.)

another story from the dotytron's teaching exploits. he told me one day that one of his students had (a little girl, around 8 or so) seemed really withdrawn and sad in class, and wasn't being responsive to talking about. he tried everything, asking gently, seeing if she would tell a friend and the friend would tell the dotytron, and finally, after much coaxing, she said that she was worried about her aunt because her aunt was in the hospital. the dotytron reassured her and told her that it's okay to feel sad and worried, but that her aunt was in good care. the little girl replied that she was really scared because her aunt needed 2 blood transfusions and she didn't know what was going on. the dotytron asked her if she knew what was wrong with her aunt. she said she didn't know.

the following week, she's in much better spirits and comes running up to the dotytron and exclaims, "i found out what's wrong with my aunt!"

dotytron: "what is it"

...wait for it...


little girl: "she has menopause!"

i think the dotytron almost passed out with suppressed laughter. the kid must have misunderstood what was happening at the hospital. so funny!

tonight we're having A & J over for dinner. yay! i'm making goat cheese, olive tapenade and roasted pepper panini with a bean salad. also roasted garlic eggplant dip with pita chips, olives, and some kind of rhubarb dessert. i'm thinking a strawberry rhubarb crisp with a brown butter streusel topping. or maybe that same filling but in tart form. we'll see. served with whipped cream.


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K said...

I would've loved to see Aritzia barfing on Toronto. You are lucky.